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How to you make destructible geometry?


The ZDoom wiki said it was added in 3.7.0 for GZDoom and I'm not sure how to put it in a map. And yes, I have the latest version of GZDoom. 3.7.2.

asking so i can make a map to blow random stuff up


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Unfortunately it's not really "destructible geometry" in the way you're thinking.  It's really more an extension of the "shootable switch" mechanic - instead of a switch that instantly activates when shot, it now has "health" and will only activate once you've lowered the health to 0.  If you want to make something appear destructible, you need to create a script that spawns a load of explosions and then lowers the sector to the floor (or an equivalent method of removing it).  You then call that script using the new ACS functions.


This thread explains how you set it all up.

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IIRC in Duke Nukem, destructible sectors' ceilings are lowered to their floors at run time, and destruction raises them back to where they started. That way the mapper can see in-editor what it will look like post-destruction (for texture alignment purposes among other things). This could be done with ACS. 

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