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BFG 9000 replacement

Which BFG is better?  

6 members have voted

  1. 1. Which BFG is better?

    • SKAG 1337
    • Other thingy.
    • They both Suck.

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Okay, so far I've seen two BFG replacements. The SKAG 1337, and that ohter railgun-esqe thingy. I honestly like the skag 1337 better. what does everyone else think?

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Isn't the SKAG this brown thing? I did not reall like it. This railgun from TR is pretty cool though, but I don't think it makes a good BFG (it's just too small).

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Fredrik said:

Someday I'll make a better SKAG 1337.

Yeah, probably <style="afterglow">.soon.</style>.

BTW, post number 1000 ^_^

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Yup Fredrik's "dumbgun" looks good. The current one is a good looking gun, but it's not right as a BFG IMO. Don't remember the SKAG.

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