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Haunted Hospital Monsters converted to DEHACKED

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Haunted Hospital Monsters for DEHACKED and DECORATE.





Monsters Spawn Numbers:

15331 - Ettin -> Nightmare
15306 - StealthArachnotron -> FlyingImp
15371 - StealthFatso -> VoidDarkImp
15311 - Demon2 -> ChainsawZombie
15312 - CentaurLeader -> CyberMastermind
15359 - StealthCacodemon -> TorturedSoul
15347 - Archvile -> Defiler
15320 - FighterBoss -> BigInfernalSpider
15330 - Demon1 -> SmallInfernalspider
15381 - Chicken -> Minispider
15326 - Sorcerer1 -> Veryminispider
15357 - StealthHellKnight -> Diabloist
15356 - StealthRevenant -> Avatar
15319 - Bishop -> HellforgeSmith




-Added the resurrect/explode frames for the FlyingImp (added sprites).

-The seekers for the Defiler and are Revenant tracers so they have 50% chance of homing (DEHACKED only).

-Made the two InfernalSpiders spawn Minispiders upon death.

-Added melee frames for the SmallInfernalSpider.

-Added modified DECORATE from original wad.

-Sprite numbers used are from FCT Shop.

-All DEHSUPP things used were mainly FCT Skin things 00-34 and other monsters and their projectiles so that inventory and weapons mods can be used too.

-All DEHSUPP frames used are from 3200-4816.





Edited by yorivdood

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I tried loading this in Zandronum but got unknown objects. Works fine in ZDaemon.

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Looks like this mod is designed for ZDaemon.


Just because GZDoom and Zandronum works fine with Decorate (designed for)

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oh yes how rude of me lol, here's the original link for GZDoom and Zandronum: http://doomshack.org/uploads/HauntedHospital.zip

In the upcoming final version, I will add the DECORATE lump so that it works on all ports with a single wad. The PATCHINF lump would allow you to replace any original monsters and things in maps with the new monster ID's.

Edited by yorivdood

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