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Old awful DeathMatch mapset I made a long time ago

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I present to you Massacre32.
This horrible beast consist on ten spam maps loosely based on the idea of having 32 DM spawns in short spaces, inspired by DM maps played in that era in ZDaemon (Brit10, exec), and trying to (kinda) make use of the new upcoming feature for ZDaemon 1.09 servers for up to 32 players.

This mapset was made in 2011 when I had 13/14 years old.  Maps are just short and symetrical, making it just a failure to play with more than 4 players. (playing with other 3 people vanilla style would just be fine anyways). The maps are made in the awful ZDoom (Doom in Doom) format

This map had the blessing on being hosted on one of the old XXX clan servers in ZDaemon for a brief time (probably nobody played it)

This is just to show my works when I was younger, by any means you shouldn't seriously play this crap.

It has new dehacked lumps that changes some text messages with just troll quotes written in broken English.

Download link!

Don't expect this being uploaded to the archive anytime soon, I have zero intentions to do it for now.

Some snapshots of the maps or you to see (At least they aren't crap aesthetically)





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I think you posted the wrong link as "Upload still in progress…" pops up instead of the actual download page.


14 hours ago, DJVCardMaster said:

Don't expect this being uploaded to the archive anytime soon, I have zero intentions to do it for now.


Honest I would recommend uploading this to /idgames archives because sometimes I wish I still have my old 1st attempt unfinished episode 2 replacement wad that I made back in 2003 :'(

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