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My Lastest 4 Doom Wads

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This is sort of a part two, I have posted my first four doom wads yesterday, they were not very good, but I'm also posting my later four doom wads to show how I have improved.  I would greatly appreciate if any of you took the time to play one of these and give a little feedback.  When I made these maps I starded using GZDoom Builder, while that does not makethese maps better it gives me some more things to do.  The first made was castle, second was wolf2, third is ToxicBase, last is castle2.


All maps have been tested in GZDoom


(wolf2 is not a wad file, although it still runs on GZDoom just fine) 


castle: midi Armata Strigoi - Powerwolf 

wolf2: midi Mr. Crowley - Ozzy Osborne 

ToxicBase: midi Through the Fire and Flames - Dragonforce

castle2: midi Incense and Iron - Powerwolf



The pictures are in chronological order so the first two is castle, the second two is wolf2, ect











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