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Skulltag Emulation - Version 2

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So, what are you waiting for?


This mod is based on: Skulltag_dt_1_3.pk3 and Skulltag_Data.pk3 (the one that comes with Skulltag)

1.8.6 Compatible! (also works with Zandro but why would you do that)
This mod is meant to bring over all Skulltag gamemodes and content into GZDoom

And also give modders a clean slate to make their own custom Skulltag-based modes.

Nor Brad Carney nor the Zandronum dev team was involved in the development of this mod. (except for the assets of course)

The currently ported gamemodes are: CTF, Skulltag, Terminator and Possession. with Invasion and Last Man Standing planned for future versions.

The currently ported maps are: all DM, LMS, Duel, CTF and Skulltag maps, with the only maps missing being the Invasion maps.





Skulltag Emulation v2:
-Added Possession and Terminator gamemodes

-Added a neat menu under episode selection to set up a match, a la Skulltag skirmish menu

-Runes are now correctly emulated (Infinite duration but you can only carry one at a time)

-Added all CTF and Skulltag maps

-Added compatibility with Super Skulltag and many other mods (yay it's no longer locked to Zandronum!)
Remember to load Skulltag Emulation first for maximum compatibility.

-Fixed bugs with CTF and Skulltag and updated the player spawning method

-Fixed A TON of bugs related to pickups

Skulltag Emulation v1: (compared to Skulltag 0.98d)
! New keybind menu with a few useful options related to bots and flags

- Bots don't talk anymore (Impossible without modifying ZDoom's source code) (Actually it's possible but why would i?)

- Spread, Reflection and Prosperity runes can't be picked up but are present anyways

- Red jump pads now require you to run up to them and press jump just as you touch them
but maybe it could be possible to make them the same as in ST with ACS
trickery, but i'm not sure about how to do that.

- D2CTF1, D2CTF4 and D2CTF5 converted for ZDoom in the Skulltag CTF episode
The only thing needed to convert maps is to put in my custom player
start system, which can be seen in any map editor with ACS support
to make a map compatible with this CTF system you need to make
teleport destinations with their sectors tagged (251, 252, 253, 254, 255)
for blue starts, and (241, 242, 243, 244, 245) for red starts, then copy
the 16 dark sectors with DM starts on them from any of my maps, and finally
the only thing left to do would be to copy my ACS code from D2CTF1 starting
from Script 243 onwards into your map's ACS code and compile it. (this information is outdated btw)

- CTF system implemented, only used in the Skulltag CTF Episode
if you chose a team that isn't blue or red then you automatically
become an spectator (broken feature)

- ST system implemented, to convert the maps to ST gamemode simply do
the exact same steps as in the above text about CTF

- Winner intermission screen always displayed (Still more enjoyable than the
regular one)

- Almost all runes work (Except for 3 will be fixed in a future update) (They weren't emulated properly yet)

- All Spheres work properly

- All Skulltag weapons work properly

- All DM, Duel and Last Man Standing maps are present and working
With no errors at all (One springpad removed since it
leads into a currently not working rune)

- All skins present (except for Orion which is the exact same as Base II)

- Some ST bots present

- D2ST7 modified to make a new map named "Null Space" on slot D2DM12 with one new
unused .ogg track from Sonic Robo Blast 2 ( v2.0.6 )
(I might add more "new" maps)

- Not going to do it yet, but maybe in a future version i will add
"best of" episodes, that has many maps from ST and CTF made by the
community, the most voted 12 will make it to the episode.


Cool addons n' stuff

Skulltag Powerups and Weapons for Doom 2: DOWNLOAD!

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So does this mean I can load this with wads like Armageddon Invasion 2 on my GZDoom and it'll work properly?

If so that is incredible.

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41 minutes ago, Terminus said:

So does this mean I can load this with wads like Armageddon Invasion 2 on my GZDoom and it'll work properly?

If so that is incredible.

I can't absolutely guarantee it will work with zero problems, but you can try and if you notice any problems you can report them to me. (Also, sadly Invasion support is not done yet)

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