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I have a quenstion about map names and intermission text

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So I've been told there is a new format for making map names and intermission text for maps. How do i go about making map names and text for my wad? If someone where to teach me how to do this because the new format to me looks very hard to code.  Also i forgot the page on the zdoom wiki where this new format is listed.

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MAPINFO is not coding, it's the most intuitive thing you can have, is like filling blank spaces on a presentation letter in school.
Here is an example taken from ZDoom's page, if you are using ZDoom or GZDoom


// If there was a MAPINFO for Doom 2, this is what it
// would look like. ZDoom actually contains this information
// inside the executable.

map MAP01 "entryway" //Map name with map number at start "MAP01"
levelnum 1 //ordinal number of the map
titlepatch CWILV00 //Patch graphic used to display the name of the map at the end (This is optional since you can still display the map name without the graphic, this is for added designs)
next MAP02 //"next" indicates which is the next map following the map you exited, if you are on MAP02, logically the next one would be MAP03 instead
secretnext MAP02 //This may indicate if your level has a secret exit (MAP31 for example), if not, just add the same map as in the "next" line, 
sky1 SKY1 0 //This indicates the Sky texture you are going to use for this map, it could be "sky SKY1, SKY2 or SKY3" depending of which one do you have, the number is the offset, so don't bother about it, just put a 0 at the end.
cluster 1
   flat = "FLOOR4_8"
   music = "$MUSIC_VICTOR"
   exittext = "Once you have defeated the cyberdemon cunt that was trying to kill you..."
} //Cluster is often used for adding new Intermission texts, if you want to ad more I suppose you'll need to change "cluster 1" to "cluster 2" and so on.
par 30 //Par time desired for the map
music D_RUNNIN //Plays the song stored in the lump "D_RUNNIN, you can change it to another lump

//You can do it with the rest of the levels on the same MAPINFO lump
map MAP02 "underhalls"
levelnum 2
titlepatch CWILV01
next MAP03
secretnext MAP03
sky1 SKY1 0
cluster 5
par 90
music D_STALKS

map MAP03 "the gantlet"
levelnum 3
titlepatch CWILV02
next MAP04
secretnext MAP04
sky1 SKY1 0
cluster 5
par 120
music D_COUNTD

map MAP04 "the focus"
levelnum 4
titlepatch CWILV03
next MAP05
secretnext MAP05
sky1 SKY1 0
cluster 5
par 120
music D_BETWEE

You'll need a software like Slade 3 or SlumpEd, or any program you use to add additional content to your wad, to create a new lump that should be called "MAPINFO"
remember to be strict about upper or lower case, try to respect every single one in there, otherwise the MAPINFO won't read the line of "code".

Also note this only works on ZDoom or ZDoom based source-ports.

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25 minutes ago, Hiiammike said:

It gave me this message DJV image.png.3d888c9090d5e12bc79b7ab5cdb83707.png

Search in Line 7 in the MAPINFO to see what's the problem

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You're probably trying to combine formats again, which is a no-no. For goodness sake just use the current format.

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14 hours ago, DJVCardMaster said:

Search in Line 7 in the MAPINFO to see what's the problem

I just typed }.

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33 minutes ago, DJVCardMaster said:

Show the code, please

Cant i accidentally deleted it.

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