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Knee Deep in... Doom64 EX

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Doom 64 is one of my favorite games, and I was so excited when I found out about Doom64 Ex and Doom Builder 64; thanks Kaiser! I somehow only discovered it a little over a week ago, but couldn't step away from the map editor after I blew through the game in nearly one sitting. So, here is the first map of what I hope will be a complete re imagining of my favorite slice of classic doom, KDitD. Super open to criticism, 'cause I do want this to be fun.


If you haven't run a user map in Doom64 EX, open the Launcher, and in the "Other Parameters" dialog box type: -file "KDID64_E1M1.wad"







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I detested Doom 64 but gave this a shot anyway and definitely enjoyed it.


my only complaints:

  • felt pretty grindy, i'd rather see a short mapset with progression in the difficulty than have you cram too much of it into one small map
  • too linear and closed in; the switch that opens the shortcut to the courtyard being left out is understandable, but e1m1 had a certain openness and breathability to it that this map kinda loses, but could be somewhat regained with more windows and sightlines between areas, among other things. it's also still a little lame having the progression be so cut-and-dried. i fully understand the feeling of wanting players to explore every bit of the level, but going as far as putting a blue key in the stair room just to force them to go in there and see the scripted sequence is going too far
  • i dont know how the brightness works in doom 64, but the exit wasn't dark enough and i could see the back wall when i went in, completely destroying the immersion and ruining my entire life
  • no door at the start behind the spawn, completely fogging up the lore

otherwise i liked the theme, i really liked most of the texture work (the courtyard was a little unappealing), and i even thought the gameplay was still pretty decent and i especially think it would be very preferable if you created some more maps to go along with this


also post a screenshot next time, this is a special circumstance with it being a doom 64 map!!! thankfully i'm amazing and took one for you (which you may use if you like):



P.S. doom 64 ex was being mean so i couldn't even use my mouse during my playthrough

P.P.S. i'm going to also make a doom 64 map now and it's all your fault

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Thanks for your suggestions and the screenshot, Bonnie! I do agree the blue key is going “too far”, and I will remove it. I was on the fence about it tbh. It would probably be ok to do away with keys altogether on the first map. I also agree about the map feeling a bit crammed in terms of monster count/difficulty, and will tone it down. I think I got a little too excited, hah. I will see about creating a better sense of “openness”, bc I feel you on that as well. Thanks again!


Also, I have brightness and gamma turned all the way down in doom64 ex, and it looks good to me that way. Brighter than the original game, but not so bright that it doesn’t looks like doom 64. I should have probably mentioned that.

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