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haruko haruhara

For some reason skulltag projects don't work as well in zandronum

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For some reason my game bugged on me i was playing a skulltag invasion project called Armageddon invasion 2 v63 witch had crashed it self 



I had used skulltag deta 126  and


Skulltag actors 1.1.1  


When I was waiting for wave 5 that's when the game crashed say what you have to say about. This topic

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I mean, does anything Skulltag work right away in Zandronum? I seem to recall reading Skulltag, although the predecessor to Zandronum, is very bad with forward compatibility and projects will require specific tweaking to run as intended.

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Skulltag Content (linked by Gaia74) includes both Skulltag Actors and Skulltag Data inside.

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On 1/28/2019 at 3:48 PM, Gaia74 said:

Use this, you are using a old version of the skulltag data



Thanks but there is something missing I want to play this skulltag projects on servers on doomseeker but the skulltag 

announcer an the teleport  it is like when the doomguy dies he will spawned that is missing from the file I wish someone would bring back skulltag days that would be awesome


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