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Donna to the Rescue could actually be inspired by this track

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So as a fan of Soundgarden, I recently saw some people spotted this song to be based on Soundgarden - Outshined, but it sounded nothing like it. Some people say it's based on it since one of the unused tracks sounds exactly the same as Outshined and was played in E3M2, and people considered it to evolve into the song that was used in the game.
Today I remembered this song: "Soundgarden - Loud Love"  while hearing to some Doom unused music while searching for a midi to edit for one of my maps, and I thought to myself "Hey, maybe that song in E3M2 was inspired in this Soundgarden track aswell". Of course this one is not THAT similar to Donna to the Rescue aswell, but I thought Bobby Prince just combined it with Outshined in some form (He used to do song combinations for some of the Doom tracks just like in E1M1) and the track was born.
I also considered this since BP was experimenting with Soundgarden tracks for the music of the third episode.

I made a little short cut of the original E3M2 midi with the riff of Loud Love to prove it sounds a little bit similar.

What are your thoughts on this one?


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I always thought the intro sounded identical to Body Count, way too close to be a coincidence right?



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