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something you mind find interesting: brutalism architecture

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Oh yes, beutalism definitely lends itself perfectly to the Doom engine, with its strong and simple shapes. There‘s a lot of brutalism where I currently live and I am constantly thinking: „Oh yeah, that‘d be easy in Doom...“

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It does lend itself to Doom's engine quite well, but I must say that it's not one of my more favored architectural styles to attempt to emulate, because it strikes me as somewhat boring when I do it (though when others very skilled in the craft do it, I am genuinely impressed).

I find that the architectural styles I prefer tend toward Classical with a touch of Gothic and Brutalist, given that I find domes, vaults, arches, and the like to be very interesting structures.


What I tend to look at for making in Doom is, "Would that be cool," and even more difficult structures tend to be the most interesting to me.

Among my favorite structures to make are columns designed to hold vast loads, those of the variety that look like they could hold mountains, which has been a big center piece of the big project. Also, and this is probably a meme at this point, I very much like arches, given they're a simple way to make an area more interesting than before without getting in the way.


While I like the inherent strength and resilience (and simplicity) of Brutalist architecture, I have to say I prefer the more ornate styles of the classical civilizations. Functional, but very nice at the same time.

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