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Shadow over the Pathoras II: Fellowship of Restoration (DEV Diary +Demo Download)

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SOTP II takes place 3 centuries after the events of the first game.


The story:

It´s year 1943 - the axis powers are starting to lose the war. In an effort to slow down the progress of allies the germans start to take interest in occultism, magic and old legends. During one of these researchs Heinrich Himmler finds a book, which describes the life and adventures of William Wolf - the main hero from the previous game. The book also metions the location of Pathoras and the last resting place of Wolf.
After a successful excavation of Wolf´s remains, which proved the reliability of the book, the german leaders decide to set up a special mission to find the land. A bomber is sent to investigate the alleged location of the land. During the mission the plane is caught in a storm near the Pathoras and crashes.

The player controls Fridrich Eisen - a pilot, who survived the plane crash and finds himself in the lands of the Pathoras. As his predecessor he must join his forces with the last few pathoras rebels in order to survive and stop the evil once again.


The mod takes inspiration from Hexen, Daggerfall, Overlord and Witchaven.


Planned features:


- new monsters

- new weapons

- larger, more open world maps

- new puzzles




Demo (1 map) can be downloaded from here:




Use GZDoom and any Doom iwad (or Freedoom).


MODDB page: https://www.moddb.com/mods/shadow-over-the-pathoras-ii

Edited by Kloki38

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looks sweet :D the combo of the new visual assets + the music + the sounds make for a really neat atmosphere, I think, based on the video

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Update #1


One of my friends decided to join the project (he also worked on the original version of SOTP for Stranded II) to do some (at least for me, I am not a programmer) more advanced ACS scripts. Together we created a simple card mini-game, in which the player can get some extra money between missions to buy ammo,food etc.

At the beginning the player choses the bet size (from 1 to 10 gold). Both sides then start to take cards from the deck turn by turn. The player who picks the hightest card (aka number) gets a point. At the end of the game the player who has the hightest amount of points wins.



DEV Screenshots:








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Love the hud, brings back a lot of memories of Witchaven. Looking good so far, glad your friend joined and now development is in full swing:)

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Oh I remember how I got teleported to the island where dev team lives in the first chapter :D


Looking forward to this!

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