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Archvile FINALLY gets an appearance on a console. :)

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You heard it right. Go to Gamespot to see a screenshot of the Archvile on the GBA! Less than a month away. This port seems too good to be true.

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Yay, now I'll have both doom's on GBA, even though it has green blood I don't give a rats ass, LONG LIVE THE FUCKING KING!#!!$^($)^ (not you BBG)

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MaCvILeWhOrE said:

(not you BBG)

Don't *cough* worry I probably *cough* won't live that *cough* long anyway. *cough* *cough* *cough*

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hmm..they say they will split some levels in two. and add new things in it.

I wonder how those levels thats split in two will be like?

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Trasher][ said:
Hang on, check that Nphiles article... 34 levels? Rockin'.

They split one or two levels up, and added shit to it, so I assume thats what they mean.

But at least they are adding new stuff, not taking it away, YAY.

This would be like the most complete and best not-on-pc version of doom II if it weren't for the green blood, but HEY I can deal with that :D

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