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[WIP] Ni'mRoD Plus - v0.2 (NEW ALPHA)

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Ni'mRoD Plus - this is a cosmetic mod for Ni'mRoD TC, adapted for other Doom TC's This mod doesn't change game mechanic, it just improves effects, animations, sounds, etc...

Weapons :
1. Hand-mounted machine gun
This lil' death dealer sprays 9mm bullets pretty fast. Also, it had pretty good accuracy, so on first levels, this baby can save your ass!9he4Rscl.png.e588637aa21945bcfc8be8d4174b7fe3.png

2. Combat shotgun
This bastard spews a 8 pellets at one shot. Isn't it beautiful?
3. Perforator cannon
This triple-barreled lead sprayer is good choice for cleansing a small rooms and tight corridors.
4. Hand mortar
This baby throws a fragmentation grenades in your enemies. But be careful! Bouncy projectile can blow your ass off!
5. Howitzer
Fires a jet-propelled projectile, that causes a LOTS OF DAMAGE upon impact!
6. Impulse cannon
Energy-type weapon. Impulse gun fires high-temperature plasma ball, that inflict a lots of pain and traumas.
7. BFG 1000 shareware beta 2.0
Yep, this is a granddaddy of yer BFG-9000. The dreadful apparatus launches a giant energy ball, that spawns a thanatogenic energy blast bringing death to all life forms in your field of view.



Credits : 
UNHOLY software team -
original WAD and graphics 
Action Forms team - BFG muzzleflashes 
Xatrix team - muzzleflashes for firearms
Sgt. Shivers - customizable recoil code, that I taken from his FINAL DOOMER

 DOWNLOAD : https://drive.google.com/file/d/18ipSZJRx_ge6FXIrsV4PiXqaH4X77Fd_/view?usp=drive_open


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