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Separate music volume control

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Now I play with the addon "Hellgate": https://www.moddb.com/games/doom-iii/addons/hellgate, this is a set of 5 maps.

But there is a problem - the music is very loud and there is distortion. Through the settings, the volume of the surrounding sounds of the game decreases, the volume of the music does not change. Maybe there is a separate console command to adjust the volume of the music? Can add volume parameters for only music  in the file DoomConfig.cfg?
I use the usual stereo system and the Windows 7 х64 operating system.

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Try turning the volume down in windows, and keeping the game's volume normal. I'm not sure why the music in the mod doesn't change with the volume control.

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In Doom 3 there is no separate music volume slider, because the music in the original was atmospheric and only played rarely. If it's that bad, you may want to just remove the music files.

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