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MegaLight - WIP MegaTexture Lighting Tool

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I have been working on a DirectX Raytrace Lightmapper for lighting megatextures called "MegaLight". I can currently render a 16384x16384 megatexture lightmap in about 20 seconds. I haven't tried going higher yet, I need to port the codebase to x64 first (I started off with Doom 3 vanilla source code). The albedo is only a 8k image that gets upscaled to 16k during the makemegatexture process, which currently combines the lit and the albedo into the final megatexture image. I need to create a tool that would allow me to paint a 16k or 32k albedo/normal texture next. The below screenshot doesn't look that visual impressive, but I think its kinda cool to bring back the MegaTexture tech, and creating MegaLight has been a fun project so far. 



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