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Text Screen Troubel

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I'm creating a WAD And i added a text screen after level 1

but it only shows the first line/ Sentence 

is there anyway i can make it show more then 1 sentence? 

i'm using Slade 


this is what i put in the MAPINFO



help would be GREATLY Appreciated! :)  






Map MAP01 "SS Research Sector"
LevelNum = 1
Next = "MAP02"
SecretNext = "MAP02"
Sky1 = "SKY1"
Cluster = 1
Music = "D_RUNNIN"

Cluster 1
Flat = "FLOOR4_8"
Music = "D_VICTOR"
ExitText = "Awakening From Your Eternal Slumber This Limbo Begins once Anew No Choice No Mercy and Hesitation You Tear Your way through this Facility against them"

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Doom displays only so many characters per line, so instead do this



ExitText = "Awakening From Your Eternal Slumber",
"This Limbo Begins once Anew",
"No Choice No Mercy and Hesitation",
"You Tear Your way through this Facility",
"against them"


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