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Any physics nerds in here?

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I'm not a physicist so my entire question is probably completely flawed to begin with, but I'll ask it anyway.


If spinning black holes spin at a fixed rate and angular momentum is conserved when a star collapses into a black hole, shouldn't that mean that whatever is at the center of a black hole would have some sort of measurable diameter that corresponds to how fast the black hole is spinning? After all, if what's there is an infinitely dense point, wouldn't that mean the black hole would have to spin infinitely fast?

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yes, it's speculated that if a black hole is spinning, its singularity would be a ring rather than a single point. look up 'ring singularity' for more info.

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Please consider that a Singularity is a mathematical concept wich shows that our current understanding of physics is insufficient, a Black Hole Singularity represents the moment in time in wich the mass of the entire Black Hole colapses onto you after crossing the Event Horizon.


Some physicists theorize that whatever lies at the center of a Black Hole is the size of a plank lenght, the smallest measure unit in the universe, so a singularity or as Xcalibur said a ring singularity is that small.


No, it wouldn't spin infinitely fast, a black hole has mass, and any object with mass needs an infinitely exponential amount of energy to move as fast as light or faster, black holes can spin a maximum of 99% the speed of light.

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Hard to say for sure. I study physics in college and right now working on my research about gravitational energy of black holes and read about character analysis essay format. Hope I'll finish it on time. Hate all these writings work. No one knows exactly what is going on inside black holes but it's an interesting topic for discussions.

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8 hours ago, Doominator2 said:

Hey guys did you know that the unit for acceleration is m/s^2?

  • Velocity is the rate of change in position: m/s.
  • Acceleration is the rate of change in velocity: m/s^2.
  • Jerk (also called jolt in the UK) is the rate of change of acceleration: m/s^3.
  • Jounce is the rate of change of jerk: m/s^4.
  • The amount of force required to accelerate 1 kilogram at the rate of 1 m/s^2 is called a Newton: kg*m/s^2.
  • The amount of energy required to apply 1 Newton of force over the distance of 1 meter is called a Joule: kg*m^2/s^2.
  • The amount of torque you get from applying 1 Newton of force at a distance of 1 meter from the fulcrum is called a Newton-meter, also kg*m^2/s^2, but measuring something completely different and not interchangeable with a Joule.
  • A Joule is also the energy of 1 Watt of power in 1 second: W*s, which means that a Watt is a kg*m/s^3.

To be honest, I looked up what the rate of change of jerk was, and also the fact that a Joule is a Watt times a second.  The rest I already knew.

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