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Player in unknown sector type


I use action 37 - W1 floor lower to lowest floor (change texture),

it lowers the tagged sector, but the texture does not change and when player lands on the lowered sector, then the chocolate doom crashes with error:

"P_PlayerInSpecialSector: unknown special 28270"


What is this, some bug? how to fix it?

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What engine/map configuration are you using?

This is a stretch, but can you also post a screenshot of the sector properties window of the sector that causes this crash?


Also, type 37 uses the numeric model for figuring out which sector to change the properties of (from the Doom Wiki):


Numeric model algorithm:

  1. Find all floors adjacent to the tagged floor at destination height
  2. Find the lowest numbered linedef separating those floors from that tagged
  3. The sector on the other side of that linedef is the model


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I don't use Chocolate Doom, GZDoom has no problem.




When the player crosses the line it triggers sector with tag 100 to lower.

When the sector reaches the lowest floor height it changes the sector flat to the surrounding flat.



Just to see what happens I tested it with Chocolate Doom 2.3.0 (2016-12-29), also no problem.

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This is odd, since P_PlayerInSpecialSector() doesn't do anything other than handle the various behaviors of sector specials. The linedef type 37 must be changing the tagged sector's type to some garbage value, so that's probably where the crash is coming from.


I don't really have much experience with the change-type linedef types, but it really sounds to me like the algorithm is not finding a valid model sector. I'll keep poking through the source code and see if I can learn more. Hopefully someone comes along with more knowledge about this sort of thing.


Edit: I would recommend trying a similar setup in a fresh map to see it working on your end. It could be caused by a mapping error (e.g. an unclosed sector or something). Uploading the map for us to look also wouldn't be a bad idea.

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