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How would you describe the whole Doom/Doom 2 in just 4 words?

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Well, like the title, I want to see Doomworld members describe Doom/Doom 2 in this weird way. And also because "4" means death in Japanese, IIRC. 

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Doom and Doom Two

Two Games Called Doom

Four Words About Doom

Oh No, Demon Attack

OH FUCK, Arch-Vile

Rip and Tear Demons

Big Fucking Gun 9000

THE First Person Shooter

Somehow Got Some Novelizations

Aliens Meets Evil Dead

Hate Gore? Try Chex

Emag Niw, Oremor Llik

Ron, Can We Say...

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6 minutes ago, The Mysterious Moustachio said:

Phobos, Deimos, Hell, Earth


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DOOM: Shoot demons dead.

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Fast action monster shooting

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