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Bouncing Projectiles?


Okay... i figured out how to make projectiles bounce off of walls and floors.. but i have no clue on how to make them bounce off of ceilings, or if thats even possible.

so im asking is there a way to do this?

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MBF has a BOUNCE flag you can set, designed to emulate the beta BFG which has projectiles that bounce off floors and ceilings. I know you probably weren't talking about dehacked, but oh well. :c

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The behavior of the BOUNCES flag changes depending on other flags set. From the official MBF docs:


The BOUNCES mobj flag tells MBF that an object is "bouncy". What this means exactly, depends on the rest of the flags:


With BOUNCES + MISSILE, the object behaves like a beta BFG fireball, exploding on contact with walls and with non-inert objects, but bouncing off of floors and ceilings. See the "Classic BFG" for an example of this flags combination.


Unless it's a MISSILE too, the object generally bounces off of all surfaces without loss of momentum.


Without NOGRAVITY, BOUNCES + FLOAT gives the ability for a monster to jump when it needs to reach a high target, but to otherwise stay pretty low. See dogfly.deh for an example of this flags combination.

For non-sentient objects, BOUNCES + FLOAT simply creates a higher bounce back.

BOUNCES + FLOAT + DROPOFF bounces back even higher than BOUNCES + FLOAT.


When BOUNCES isn't combined with MISSILE, it causes the object to simply bounce off of floors and walls. If the object is under gravity (the NOGRAVITY flag is not set), then its momentum is cut in half at each collision, in the component of momentum which is perpendicular to the contacted surface. The object also rolls up and down stairs, if under gravity. This flags combination is illustrated in grenade.deh.


It might not be possible to have it bounce off walls and ceilings/floors in the same manner unless you're using ZDoom features, in which case you should use the proper actor flags for the projectile.

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