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World's Funnest Day

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Well, gee golly, I just had the World's Funnest Day (tm)!

It all started when my parents forced me to go with on one of their weekend excursions. In spite of all the kicking, screaming and death threats on my part, I was dragged away with them in my Mom's Jeep. But don't go yet, there's more fun to hear about!
We all three (well, two since I pretended I didn't know them for the most part) went to a Big K over in Newport, Tennesee, a 30-minute drive from where I live. 30 minutes of FUN, FUN, FUN!!!!!
So, we all three (two if you don't count me in the triad, and I don't) went SHOPPING!!! I COULD JUST BURST FROM ALL THE FUN!!!! YAY!!!!!!

I love shopping, I really do. I love it even more when I'm forced to go, and I really really love it when the store plays loud, gay-boy-band pop BS!!! W00t!!!!!!


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Beg your parents to hang out with you everyday until it freaks them out and they stop dragging you around.

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IMJack said:

I love having my own car.

Yeah, well you see so do I, but somehow it doesn't stop the occurance of days like the one Doomboy's described.

If they say we're going shopping, I say yeah I'm going out somewhere, they say something like if you don't come help we'll get you no food and I end up going and dying in pain in some corner as my mum changes teh roast beef for the 8th time.

But at least that way I get my cookies :)

Btw, what car do you have? Mine's, no wait, I feel a seperate thread coming up...

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We drag our grandkid around shopping when we have him round, I didn't know he hated it until last week when I took Modders round pet shops to buy her a mate for her parrot, and he said "Grandma I like this kind of shopping"" :P

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Funny, this problem seems totally odd to me. My parents never dragged me out to do shopping with them after I turned....hmm how old was I?...7? 8? - after that I went shopping on my own (sometimes shopping FOR my old ones).

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I isolate myself in my room all day so the chances of sumthing bad happening are slimmer >:D

Shaviro said:

heh. And you consider this a crappy day? You haven't seen anything yet...


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I have perfected a method slipping quietly away. That, and it didn't take long for my mother to realize that I can be 31 flavors of bastard when I'm forced to do something. Now the only thing she forces me to do is wake up before 4:00 pm. When I'm home, anyway.

God I hate Arkansas.


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