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Any water/ocean themed wads you know of?

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I'm honestly just curious, because it seems like an original, untapped idea. Plus, I'd be a nice change of pace.

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Under a Freezing Sea has a elaborated underwater section





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- Water Spirit

- Object 34: Sonar

- Waterlab GZD

- The entire 3rd episode of The Joy of Mapping 5

- Armageddon Invasion 2 MAP12

- Pirate Doom, if that counts

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In addition to those already mentioned, the following come to mind:

The Ocean Base (which I reviewed here)

Symocean (features a submarine with a periscope, sort of)

Das Boot (submarine, though all the action takes place within the vessel)


There are plenty of maps with a waterside/harbour theme, including The Waterfront and some maps in Hacx. More in this thread.


Even though it isn't under water, Arctic Research Center A1 (reviewed by me here) has a related theme.

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Arcadia Demade


It's a single level that takes place inside a structure that is completely underwater, complete with a new sky to reflect the underwater exterior.

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