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Looking for some gameplay mods that fit well in slaughtermaps.

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I'm pretty boring recently, so I did some research and find a good long list of slaughtermaps, but I can't seem to find any good gameplay mods for those. Do you have any recommendations?
(Oh, I'm not looking for mods that make you EXTREMELY overpowered by the way.)

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Russian Overkill

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Oh, then Hideous Destructor.

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Guncaster + Brutal Doom Monsters Only. You're pretty powerful but the demons are a lot more dangerous, especially in numbers.

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Maybe Trailblazer or Doom Incarnate. In both mods you have a great set of weapons, but you gotta work at getting ridiculously OP. Both go real well with Colorful Hell and/or LegenDoom Lite, but CH might be a bad idea in a slaughtermap cuz a few Abyss or Fireblu at once could kill your run pretty quick.

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Complex Doom or DoomRLA should be nice, they offer many weapons and are rather balanced, they also include lots of monsters! DoomRLA is good because it has modpacks, the weapons start out weak but after a bit of upgrading you get yourself some strong weapons.


Same with D4D and D4T, but i would recommend D4T because D4D has quite unbalanced weaponry.


EDIT: I also forgot, there's DUBG which mostly intentionally makes your weapons ever so slightly worse (but not to the point of the extreme weapons pack) so everything is a LOT harder, i also put more weapons in so there's quite a lot of variation.

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On 2/7/2019 at 8:32 PM, terrcraftguy695 said:

also known as 



Mind you, i actually love when it. especially when i  combine it with brutal doom only monsters edition

edit:you probably did not read the manual

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Try these in additon to those mentioned above:

- Doom Tournament (UT weapons in Doom!)

- Hearts of Demons - BARON (play as a Baron of Hell from another dimension with his magics and weapons)

- Lambda (H-L weapons in Doom!)

- Doom Incarnate

- Argent

- High Noon Drifter

- Sangelothi's NeoCore (pretty old still good)

- Guncaster Vindicated

- Project Babel (looks vanilla-ish but with a little improved weaponry to fit slaughter maps)

- Try "The Arcane Wanderer"

- Try "Highway to Hell"

- Project MSX

- Lowtech Remake (real but pretty powerful weapons, flamethrower, tommy gun, etc.)

- Combined Arms (where there's animation of Doomguy grabbing a fistful of shells, throwing them into the shotgun, and shooting them all at once :D)

- Final Doomer (fantastic mod, but idk how it'd fit into slaughter maps; try it)

- Gunslinger


I have like 200+ weapon mods, you better tell me what arsenal you'd like to have (modern, futuristic, funny, vanilla, etc.) and I'll find something that suits you.

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