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Lila Feuer

Recommended single player maps/campaigns?

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I'm aware of the excellent looking Doom 3: Phobos that released a little while back and having just finished the original game + ROE so I could prep myself (and wash the BFG edition taste out of my mouth from last year) I'd like to know from D3 players what are the best user levels available?

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1 minute ago, Lila Feuer said:

Wow what a lovely list there! Thank you for putting it together.

If you want something like a campaign, the closest thing is to try with Endarchy first.

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On 2/8/2019 at 4:47 AM, Doommarine_maxi said:

- Oxygen Factory by Psimorph



- Armar3 by Psimorph


  Reveal hidden contents


These are only 2 maps from trilogy the adventure in the archaeological complex from Psimorph.
Here is another map - “Railway Station” (ArMar2.pk4).








The levels are highly detailed and interesting architecture. Strange, but the author did not make a single set of 3 maps - each level must be started with a pistol.
  Can someone be able to collect an episode of three maps while maintaining progress in weapons and things? It will be logical for the trilogy.


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@Doommarine_maxi Thank you very much for this list!! I've always been wondering how many good Doom 3 there are, and it looks like there's a lot of them! I'll be sure to check them out as soon as I'm done with RoE and Lost Mission.

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There's also TESTED, a pretty evil megawad of extreme difficulty. It has lots of custom monsters, all being derived from Doom 3's originals. First levels are tough but doable, but gradually turn harder until you get ambushed by hellknights and enhanced imps in every close quarter. All levels are huge, and dying without savegames can set you back big time. Beware though, as it also has 'unfair' situations such as platforming elements, which are not helped by how weak and slow is Doom3guy.


Thematically it's closer to classic Doom than Doom 3, having an overarching progression and an excellently executed atmosphere, but no real story to speak of. Switches and doors are also patterned repetitively like in classic games. Personally I view it as a great challenge, but also somewhat frustrating to replay (unfortunately I don't like saving, as I see it as a too cheap cop-out). It would have been better if Doom3guy were modified to be faster than he is now. Right now challenges similar to those from classic Dooms, such as being ambushed by two hellknights, two mancubi and a bruiser, don't work that well here, because you're so damn slow. Make one mistake, and you need to restart. I guess you can mod Doom3guy manually in the text files.




IN HELL is also pretty great, as another megawad. It's not as hard as Tested, and significantly smaller, but again very well executed. Again, it plays more like classic Doom, and uses PSX music.

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