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Vertical Opening Doors

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How do you make a door that opens vertically (top half opens up, bottom half opens down)? I remember it has something to do with poly-objects but I never bothered with it until now. I also need to know how to incorporate a noise with the opening door. Thank you.


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Set the floor and the ceiling to the same height. In the case of a (0, 128) passage set both heights to 64. On the door linedefs, put the ACS_Execute special, set the trigger to 'Player uses' and check the repeatable box. Give the sector a tag, then set up the following script:

script 2 (void)

Floor_LowerToNearest (tag, speed);
Ceiling_RaiseToNearest (tag, speed);
Floor_RaiseToLowestCeiling (tag, speed);
Ceiling_LowerToHighestFloor (tag, speed);

To incorporate a noise into the door, place the desired sound sequence thing into the door sector. (see the ZDoom Reference if you've not done sound sequences before)

(tag and speed you choose yourself, the delay is equal to that on the doors in vanilla DooM. I've not tried this myself, though)

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