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John Anderson "Dr. Sleep" Lethe.Wad

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Hello everyone. I’ve been looking into John Anderson aka Dr. Sleep Inferno maps lately and as some of you know the last map called Lethe.Wad (Waters of Lethe) was never released to the public in 2004.


In honor of his anniversary of his passing, would anyone be interested in starting a group project to finishing his map while using his core mapping style from the Inferno Canto maps and releasing it to the public possibly around april?


I've seen alot of excellent mappers in this community and would live to contribute as well. 


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10 minutes ago, Not Jabba said:

Xaser created a completed version of the map as E4M8 of Ultimate Doom the Way id Did (though that doesn't mean you can't make your own).


I've seen this crop up several times. What's the story? I haven't seen any acknowledgement that it's based on Lethe apart from an unofficial dedication; the .TXT itself doesn't directly credit Anderson except for inspiration. Looking at the automap I can see that the northmost central room is based on this screenshot but is there a bigger story?

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I don't know the story behind it, but there's writing in the map itself that declares it to be the final canto of Inferno. I hadn't been aware that it was based on a screenshot before now.

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