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Man of Doom

The (possibly) Final Appearance of Shin Doomguy

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(Since it seems like Youtube is not allowing embedding anymore, allow me to explain.)


So a few months ago, I actually got to wear my Shin Doomguy cosplay at least one more time at a con called Holiday Matsuri. Of course, I have all the pics to share my experiences there, but I’d like to sum up my experience with a video: namely, a cosplay music video I actually got featured in. 


Ladies and gents, it appears that I’ve (kind of) hit the big time. 


By the way, the reason I mention that this’ll likely be the final appearance of Shin Doomguy is because I actually have another Doomguy variant all lined up, heavily inspired by the Eternal Slayer. That, and due to countless hours at the gym, I’ve started to literally outgrow my own armor. 


EDIT: I’m featured right at the 0:30 mark. 

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