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This is the laziest professional video game review that I've ever read

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Yowza, how did this ever get approved by the editor?! I am legitimately amazed (as well as amused) that somebody was paid money to write this "PC Game Review". I also find it strange that I've never seen it until now, even though it's mentioned on the Wiki entry for one of my all-time favorite video games. What an absolutely ridiculous piece of journalistic tosh. It's actually kind of cute, in a pathetic sort in a way.



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Yeah that's a terrible review of two games. Three sentences? That's the type of stuff I'd write for Amazon reviews between classes to cure my boredom. Maybe those two were crammed into such a tiny blurb because that's all Entertainment Weekly could spare.


I've never played either Creatures or Symphony of the Night, but let me write a review for them both:


Symphony of the Night is the latest entry in a long line of top notch CastleVania games. This time you're situated in a giant castle that will have you zig-zagging, demon slaying and back tracking on your way to once again defeat Dracula. In the modern age of 3D graphics and polygons, this 2D style looks better than our next game Creatures. It's a relatively similar game that has you demon slaying through dark corridors in a more immersive, atmospheric experience that lacks the cool factor of any CastleVania game.


There. 3 sentences. U giv monay now!


Speaking of lazy articles... In the past few years I've seen a lot of articles and "reviews" that have typos or incorrect words in them. People lack the basic software to even spell check to avoid typos. Heck any Internet browser can also spell check. This also means that the editors don't care to even read the articles either. I notice typos or misspellings about once a week.



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The review is over 20 years old from a publication that doesn't focus on video games, so it's no surprise how immaterial it is. Video games to these people were just toys, I'd imagine.

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