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SCRAP - Levels I Forgot to Delete

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Requires GZDoom
Requires cc4-tex.wad
DL: http://www.mediafire.com/file/1cbnp4m1c9w1auu/SCRAP.wad/file
(maybe ZDoom or Zandronum will work - not tested, but I can't imagine why they wouldn't)

Some anon on /vr/ saved a screenshot I posted in 2014 or so, asking about the mapset it was from. It was from an unreleased mapset I abandoned.
So I stitched it together and pushed it out into the cold.
It has seven maps. Map 3 exits into two different maps, and those maps lead into the final map, which I released separately later (so there's a small chance you've played the final map) + one secret map. It also has a secret weapon that replaces the BFG and is almost useless, and the plasma rifle has been changed a bit.


Random Screenshot:




Credits + Info you don't need


Maps and such:

MAP01 - Dungeon Master
MAP02 - Clock Tower
MAP03 - Metroid Prime
MAP04 - Unreal
MAP31 - Donkey Kong Country 3
MAP32 - Dancing Queen, by ABBA

Map order is screwy because it changed map formats a few times. Maps used: MAP01, 02, 03, 04, 30, 31, 32
MAP04's music is a little loud - sorry
MAP32 has cool music and you should listen to it.
MAP31 uses concepts that I reused for a REKKR map, so if anything seems familiar in it that's why.


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