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Make sector bigger or smaler

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Example I copy one sector ans shrink it in 32x bigger. This should symetric (32 square and 96 square). How can I do in doom builder2? I dont want create new sector or move linedefs...



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Not sure if it's that what you mean...


select all sectors you'd like to be smaller or bigger, press "E" for edit mode and scale that whole thing....


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A quick and dirty way is

highlight the sector and E ( as in 4everDoomed's screenshot}

then click and hold on the handles and drag them out.

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Judging by your screenshot, it sounds like you're looking for an "Inset" function: automatically draw a new sector with edges that have been shifted inwards, like drawing a border around the inside of a shape. Unfortunately I don't think Doom Builder has a feature like this. I can't speak for its forks Doom Builder X and GZDB-Bugfix though. edit: See Impboy4's post below!

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