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Taw Tu'lki

Blood & Oil

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My new wad.


I was creating this wad 2018. It took a long time for creating. 


Made in Eureka, so if you edit in Doom Builder, it will be frozen, and when you edit in Slade in PrBoom it will have bug. 



IWAD: Doom 2

Level: MAP01 - MAP02

Jumping/crounching: No

New graphics: Yes

New sounds: Yes

New music: Yes

Port: PrBoom and GZDoom


Near future. A group of scientiests found on one of the unknown green planet a deposites of black liquid that reminds oil. They said that this liquid must be a good alternative to oil. So, UAC began to explore this planet and build some bases. Of course, news were heard by monsters, and monsters started to occupy base. So, you must kill them, as always. 












Edited by Taw Tu'lki

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The custom assets are interesting. The pairing of monster placement and layout design is a weak point. map01 is a tangle of narrow caves with no navigational cues. Everything looks identical and you are mostly shotgunning stuff in front of you. map02 suffers from 'meat in corridors syndrome': groups of HKs and barons at doorways are common, and at one point you have to SSG a few dozen spectres in a long narrow hallway. 

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