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Ambulatory 2

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You've been journeying these last few days and nights wondering who pillaged that village. Who was that killed those innocent village people? It had to have been someone; a corrupt warlord, maybe, or a plague. But a plague wouldn't explain those corpses....the ones that have been haunting your memory for the last three days. You've yet to encounter anyone or anything these last few days, which is weird. You'd think that you'd see at least one person on these roads. But, there's no one. Not a living soul, live or dead, has crossed your path. There's something wrong with that.
You are journeying along, the sky overhead a monochrome gray. At least there's no thunder, you think. Just as you think these words, however, thunder claps in the distance, making you jump. Then a voice, toneless, rough, ageless, speaks from somewhere, everywhere:
"You are the mortal that has seen what I have done."
You stand stock still in horror. What is this that is speaking to you, and from where?
The voice continues:
"They had to be punished. Punished for not believing in me, mortal. They desired to worship....
Here the voice breaks off.
...."other gods." The voice speaks these words with utter disdain and disgust.
"W-what are you", you stutter. The voice laughs, and the echoing laughter assualts your ears. It is distinctly unpleasant.
"What am I? I am Zedelkir, brother of Korax, whom I know you have slain."
"But how.....do you know that...", you mutter. A face appears, not 6 feet away from your own. A horrible face, close in resemblance to Korax's own.
You draw forth your sword. "So, you want to do battle, mortal?" The heinous creature laughs once more, and suddenly it stops. "Then a battle thou shalt receive!" The voice vanishes.
Suddenly, you hear a strange sound behind you. Whirling around, you see a Centaur charging for you. It raises its sword, and brings it down nearly on your head. You leap sideways out of the way, and slash the creature in the side with your sword before it can defend itself. You rush up quickly and punch the creature full in the face with your gauntleted fist as hard as you can. The creature grunts loudly and butts you with his shield. You recover quickly however, and slash the demon in his front legs. The monster collapses, angry to the end. You
chop its head off, and stagger backwards. The creature's body dissolves into the ground much to your amazement. "How wouldst thou like an encore?" says Zedelkir, and suddenly yet another creature appears out of nowhere. This time its the familiar Ettin, a two-headed beast in armor weilding a mace. The creature growls and starts towards you. You punch it once twice three times in the chest as hard as you can, and fell it with a mighty download slash to the belly. Once more, the creature's body disappears.
Once more Zedelkir taunts you:
"You wish to fight me, do you not? Come forth then, and journey your way to my castle on yonder mountain." He looks off into the distance at a faraway mountain covered in snow and ice. Then he blinks out of existence...

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