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Finally got DMXOPTION to work!

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TL;DR version: Create a .bat file with the code below, place it in your Doom folder and that should do it.


So, until today, I could never get DMXOPTION to work in my vintage computer with a Sound Blaster 16 CT2890. It worked fine in DOSBox, but it made no difference at all in an actual PC. I had DMXOPTION set at startup and it appeared whenever I typed "set" in the command prompt, I tried uppercase, lowercase, devparm said the game detected the card just fine, I even got to try it with a Sound Blaster Pro 2, but it just did not work.


I finally got an idea after looking for a fix for Tomb Raider 1 running on a Voodoo2 (in case you don't know, that game in 3Dfx mode with a Voodoo2 look with very interesting colors) and there was this .bat file with lots of "set" commands and at the end a call for tomb.exe that supposedly fixed the problem. I noticed that after running the .bat, the game ran perfectly fine, but none of those "set" commands stayed, and that got me curious, because setting them manually and running the game without the .bat file didn't work, the weird colors came back. The same problem Doom had with DMXOPTION. So I created a .bat file for Doom with the following:


set DMXOPTION=-opl3-phase

I placed that .bat file in my Doom folder, ran it and lo and behold, it finally worked!! Both the stereo music and phase effects work. I haven't tried them individually but I suppose it would work just fine. I tried it with Doom 2, TNT and Plutonia and it works too. I tried only in 1.9, I don't know about older versions.


This might come quite a bit late, as I don't think a lot of people keep vintage PCs around, but for those frustrated enthusiasts out there that couldn't figure out what was wrong, this is the fix!

Tip: try it with Doom 1, since the music for E1M1 has a guitar sounding only on the left speaker during the first couple seconds, so it should be very noticeable.

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