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Archons recolored sprites

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Some years ago I made many recolors of the Archon of Hell sprites for a friend that was making WADs (TiberiumSoul). He also did a recolor (in this case, the cyan one).

It's kind of weird because all the recolors are kind of weird to think of it as a rainbow or something, but it's interesting whenever you wanna add many new monsters into your WAD. What my friend did in his Tiberium Doom WAD with the Archons was to give them different attacks so the player should use different play styles to fight them (like ice attacks for the cyan, fire attacks for the red) and/or put them in a hierarchy (others with more health/damage than others).


I used the Archon of Hell's monster (from Realm667) as a model for the recolors so you should credit Tormentor667, Eriance, Ghastly Dragon, Sandypaper.

The cyan Archon recolor was made by my friend TiberiumSoul so you should credit him if you use that one.

And all the other recolors were made by me. Credits will be appreciated.


I made these recolors when I was 15 or so, so they might be not that good, but anyways, if someone likes them then enjoy!




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Original Archon (Tormentor667, Eriance, Ghastly Dragon, Sandypaper):



TiberiumSoul's recolor:



My recolors:


(last one is based on the Bruiser Demon I think... I'm not sure)

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That last one and the third one from the left are really great recolors.

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18 hours ago, elend said:

That last one and the third one from the left are really great recolors.

Yeah, I love the last one to be honest! I don't remember what I did to recolor it like that, I was like playing with the colors values at photoshop and that came as a surprise.

The other ones, I guess they are up to personal likes and stuff. I kinda like the green one and the rest are just meh.

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