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30 Days In Hell (NEED RESOURCES)

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Hello, you may have seen my stuff in the forum before, but i am currently working on a 2.5D game Called 30 DAYS IN HELL, In which the plot is that you are Roman Juryman, or RJ, using the WOLF3D engine and some coding you will fight through 30 levels battling all sorts of creeps and monsters, you main mission is to stop the 3 princes of hell from unleashing The Rapture, as well as escape hell. with that you will be having a epic Arsenal to fight with Crossbow's, Holy water Bombs, Stakes And the All Powerful..Defiler, a quick firing, Staff which Vaporizes anything in it's path!


The only problem i have is i need someone to make the enemies!

the enemies are as followed:



Zombie- a decayed Burnt up Tortured soul who was pulled from the lake of fire to stop RJ

Demon- a horned red beast which has goat legs and powerful muscles, (like a Hell knight but more biblical)

Satanists- a red hooded person with only red eyes showing with Blasphemous symbols on clothes (inverted crosses, pentagrams,)

Hell hound- a black dog with glowing fiery eyes, covered in blood



Gozaath- a Muscular Black Moth-like winged demon with the ability to shoot Fireballs out of his hands, he has 2 horns and a tail, his main colors are red and black

Solvar- a Shadow like entity which lacks a physical manifestation and is a mass of Black smoke with 8 glowing red eyes

Zarroruth- the final leader, Bares a great resemblance to Nosferatu with long pointy fangs down his chest with 3 horns on his head, in a black long robe with a pentagram on his belt buckle in the center.



lucky for anyone who wants to take up this, you only need 4 frames of enemies walking, 4 attack frames, and 6 death animation frames. i want the main enemies to burst into flames and fade in a cloud. the bosses i want to have unique deaths.(up to you to decide!)


Thank you for reading this long post, i promise to release credits and everything you did will be credited! (free work, but you will have exclusive acess and i plan on selling this game so anyone who helps will get some cut of the money!




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