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Eviternity demos [-complevel 11]

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On 2/14/2019 at 8:03 PM, Dragonfly said:


I'm kinda biased but all of them? ;)

But seriously, I'd be curious how someone handles MAP32. Also the routing options for a max on MAP20 could be interesting. :)

Map 20 max here. :)


Map 20 UV-Max in 9:31


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Great to see more demos coming in for Eviternity! Just under 1/3 of the wad to go to fill every slot. Only missing speed demos for maps 19, 21-24, 27 and 29 now.

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6 hours ago, Bdubzzz said:

Map 18 UV-Max in 6:18. EVIT18-618.zip


Nice path to an early bfg pickup that really helped for your good time. I was a bit worried there at the end when you were crossing the toxic waste on low health! Great run congratulations!

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Map 19 UV-Max in 56:23. EVIT19-5623.zip


Just a table filler Max.. 3rd time attempting to play the map I believe ( 1st time was with saves, 2nd time 40 minute in failed max attempt then this attempt)


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Map 27 UV-Max in 15:31


I had an issue with the spider mastermind not teleporting in during my attempts but for this demo, she teleports in so I am able to max the map.



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Nice runs guys!


13 hours ago, Aquasa said:

got a 29 max too, but i'm holding out for a second exit because it's awful.


Looking forward to it. :D

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and after a three hour grind, it's still awful. excellent. i can't deal with this thing anymore, so here you go:


map29 max in 13:35


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Long time lurker of the forum and demos YouTube channel, first forum post, first demo. My apologies if I have formatted something incorrectly.

My goal is 0:36, and I'm going to keep attempting it, but for now, this'll do. 


Map 03 No Monsters in 0:37 - 


Edited by almostmatt1 : Fixing an error in the txt file.

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Map 01 No Monsters 100% Secrets in 0:43 - evit01nomo100-43.7z

Map 02 No Monsters in 0:42 - evit02nomo-42.zip

Mao 02 No Monsters 100% Secrets in 0:48 - evit02nomo100-48.zip

Map2nomo demo beats previous record by 4 seconds. 
I'm really enjoying attempting nomo demos. I might try to work up to making some full Ep1 NoMo & NoMo100%S runs, but I'll see if I stay motivated. I don't have nearly the skill it'd take to be any sort of competition for some of the UV-Max runners here unfortunately :)

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