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Eviternity demos [-complevel 11]

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Posted (edited)
2 hours ago, ukiro said:


The thing that stood out to me is that there's a faster way to the BFG, but you might know that. From the serpentine bridge, you can jump in the lava where there's some cell ammo (it's a clue!). From there climb the cliffs to the BFG. You will have to plow through imps though and there's a bit of backtracking to get back into red building from that same direction, so maybe it doesn't save a whole lot. 



No, I didn't know this path. On one hand backtracking takes some 30-40 seconds. On the other you save a bunch of time 2-shotting Cyber, get 3 extra BFG shots to spend in RK area itself and also don't have to wait for the pillar to BFG to lower. Might end up saving a little time overall. You could avoid this backtrack altogether by returning to earlier areas and doing Blue and potentially also Yellow key and using the path from purple chamber through Plasma Rifle and 3 cells to return to path to RK area. You'd still have to either make a backtrack from YK to top of lava river through RK area, navigate it upwards from Imp cliffs or take it before entering RK area and then go back upwards anyway, but it seems like a faster approach at first glance. Would need a complete overhaul of BFG use and cell pickups, though.


Just a note to anyone wanting to run this in the future (myself included?) - I make a few not so easy to spot but still costly mistakes:

- used one BFG shot less prior to YK grab than I should've (probably the annoying Mancubus around corner by the 3 pillars)

- didn't rocket the Zombieman horde straight away - once they spread out rockets are a lot less effective

- didn't pick rocket boxes near the above

- didn't BFG the Mancubus with 4 Demons in lava sewers straight away, letting them spread out

- order of stuff to do in guardhouse area was completely random overall, could probably be more optimal

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On 7/24/2019 at 3:29 PM, Silliest Putty said:



Welp, I have no hope of beating that one!


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13 hours ago, Dragonfly said:


Welp, I have no hope of beating that one!


Most of the enemies only spawn if you fire your gun.  I also got really lucky with the door jump.

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Posted (edited)

Map 01 No Monsters in 26.60 - ev1o26.zip

Beats the previous best by an entire, astounding, astonishing... 3 frames. I almost didn't post this, as getting this was definitely for my own satisfaction rather than "beating the standing record", but after the 2000+ attempts over a few days (which speaks to how bad I am and not the opposite, really) I thought I'd chuck it up here in case someone was interested. Plus, I suppose it's technically closer to being the record than, well, being not the record, so why not. :)

Kraflab's 26.69 note said that "27 was easy, but it took a little while to hit 26." He's bloody right about 26's being hard. This was my 67th 26.xx seconds. I matched his time once, the rest were all slower. God knows how many low 27's I had. 

EDIT: Oh, and I got this a couple of days ago and forgot to post. Uses a new route similar to the NoMo100s one I posted a few days ago. 

Map 03 No Monsters in 35 (beats previous by 1 sec) - 

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Map 4 No Monsters in 1:08 (4 second improvement) - ev4o108.zip

Map 4 No Monsters 100% Secrets in 1:25 (3 second improvement) - evit4os125.zip

Ep 1 NoMo in 9:36 (18 second improvement) - evitep1o936.zip

Ep 2 NoMo in 27:56 (25 sec improvement) - evitep2o2756.zip



The second bunch are lower effort demos that I had lying around - a crap ep1 attempt and IL's closer to personal practice footage when learning the d2all route than a speed demo attempt really. I thought I'd come back to finish Ep3 IL's but I'm pretty rapidly feeling my enthusiasm die, might as well table fill a little though :) 


Ep 1 NoMo100s in 12:07 (2 second improvement) - evitep1os1207.zip

Map 21 No Monsters in 0:59 - evit21o59.zip

Map 21 No Monsters 100% Secrets in 1:34 - evit21os134.zip

Map 22 No Monsters in 1:00 - evit22o100.zip

Map 22 No Monsters 100% Secrets in 1:16 - evit22os116.zip

Map 23 No Monsters in 1:13 - evit23o113.zip

Map 23 No Monsters 100% Secrets in 1:16 - evit23os116.zip

Map 24 No Monsters in 3:46 - evit24o346.zip

Map 25 No Monsters in 2:14 - evit25o214.zip

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