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Eviternity demos [-complevel 11]

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And here I completely struggle to get all the secrets in the first map. I'm a massive Doom noob outside Doom 64 Retribution (4:19 PB Nukage Facility UV Max), but I really like playing Doom regardless of how good I am.

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Posted (edited)

A few fun map 1 tas's.


Evit 1 NoMo 0:24.83 - evit1ox24.83.zip

Evit 1 NoMo100s 0:36.97 - evit1osx36.97.zip

Evit 1 UV Speed 0:19.34 - evit1-x19.34.7z


EDIT - Whoops, forgot to set complevel to 11 in xdre. These are complevel 17, as xdre 2.20 starts in by default. Noob mistake, still learning my way around the program. 

Edited by almostmatt1

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