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Doom Marine

ELIP: Damaging Sector delay question

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"When a player steps onto a damaging floor, there is a very short delay before the player starts to receive damage."



Question: Specifically, what amount of time (e.g. tics, seconds) will have to pass before the player stars to receive damage?


I'm a programmer, but can't read Doom's source code for shit :(

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Here's a better source: https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Damaging_floor



Damage is applied periodically, on every 32nd gametic (approximately 0.91 seconds). The check is performed against the global level time; thus it is equally possible to receive damage immediately upon touching the sector's floor, or to cross whole sectors completely unscathed. Because of their strict periodicity, the damaging effects can be avoided by continuous jumping in those engines that employ it (such as Hexen or some source ports).


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Someone also recently discovered that the moment you receive damage is aligned to the sway animation of the weapon when the player runs.  You receive damage at the moment the weapon reaches the "top" of the sway.  So a canny player can minimize (or even avoid) damage by only stepping onto damaging floors when their weapon is mid-way through a swing.


Edit: Ok, it wasn't recently at all, it was 2005!  How time flies.

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