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Making add-ons for existing mods.

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Right now I'm making a private weapon and ammo balance for the Excellent Project MSX mod. It is launched alongside the mod itself as a pk3 file and all that.

The issue is how to code it. Right now replacing sounds is easy, just add desired sounds in separate pk.3 and name them after the mods sounds. However when I want to replace the weapon and ammo stats with my buffs it's a completely different story. Project msx has it's weapon and ammo stats in txt. files coded in decorate.  I've tried to make a pk3. with the txt. files copied and stats modified, it does nothing. I've also tried to make a decorate file with inherited guns/ammo replacing the standards spawns.

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i think you should make separate actors and inherit from the main ones then it will be good and also make them replace the main actors. for example:

Actor YourMSXAddonActorName: MainMSXActorName replaces MainMSXActorName


YourStuff ValueOfYourStuff




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