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hl:s in portal?

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1 minute ago, InsanityBringer said:

is there any particular reason why you're trying to do so? In any case, portal's game libraries don't contain the needed entities for half-life source to work.

i saw bolloxed do it though

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1 minute ago, InsanityBringer said:

It's probable some modding was done, but without seeing the particular thing in question I can't comment on how it's done.


actually im going to check if he left some info on that in the desc.

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So I dug up the videos in question, and while there's no mention on how things were done it seems very likely this was a mod. I can't tell for sure how the mod was done though, given that the source for the relevant games (portal and HL:S) aren't available... legally. They were leaked eons ago, so it's possible that someone made the mod on top of that. But without digging deeper, I can't be certain. In any case, it probably won't work as is since the needed entities don't exist in any of the released game libraries.


Portal is directly derived from HL2 though, and you might be able to play its levels in Portal without trouble. You would need to extract all the levels, .VCD scenes, and voice acting sounds from HL2's VPK archives though.

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I assume he means instead of unpacking HL2 things, unpack HLS things. But that's still not going to work, is it? Unless I've been really confused all this time and Portal's game library has the HL:S entities linked... but even then there's still conflicts since plenty of HL2 things are named exactly the same as the HLS ones.

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On 2/13/2019 at 7:43 PM, tempdecal.wad said:

It'll work but not perfectly, you'll be able to run through the maps but that's about it. most of the entity classes still exist in portal too.
EDIT: turns out someone did it better.

after playing it for a while i realized that playing hl:s with the portal gun isn't as fun as i thought (i got bored on blast pit)

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