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Before doing the original ZDoomGL, Kokak did a DoomGL. This predated JDoom by some time and actually had (towards the end) a lot of the same rendering features. I think he later reused large portions of his renderer code when he designed ZDoomGL.

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Actually, ZDoomGL started way before JDoom. JHexen was the first of the J ports, and even that wasn't released until after ZDoomGL had started IIRC.

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SlayeR said:

Hehe, again you're wrong. JDoom isn't 'based on' ZDoomGL at all...

Correct. They're very different under the hoods, that's for sure. Even the new ZDoomGL is quite a bit different than those two now. In fact, I don't think there's any of the old ZDoomGL code in it now. There's still code based on the old ZDoomGL, but it's pretty much all been rewritten now.

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