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How many maps have you created and released?

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90s - Kill Episode 1 (9 maps)

Early 2000s - Kill Episode 2 (9 maps)

2010 - One Doomed Marine (5 maps)

2016 - Extreme Terror (1 large map)

2017 - Shadows of The Nightmare Realm (5 maps)

2018 - Umbra of Fate (1 large map)

2018 - Freaky Panties (1 map)

2019 (for the pending NDE project) - My Delirious Blood House of Contrivitiums (1 map)


So 32 maps total!  I'm counting that last one because I finished it last year, so it's literally just waiting to be released.  The Kill stuff... I don't remember the original dates.


Extreme Terror and Umbra of Fate are technically split into three conceptual areas as if they were individual maps.  I approached the areas this way when designing them, so I suppose you could count each of those as three maps if you wanted to split hairs.  But I left them at 1 here so that it wouldn't look like I was trying to artificially inflate my total.

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That's not a bad idea, to create like a mapping portfolio or something with all your various work.


As far as my released work so far, I think this is everything but I don't know the years. I might be missing some.


1. Depraved Classic Edition (first mapping attempts, alpha version of project on haitus)

2. D!ZONE Simulated Screenshot Recreation

3. Doom Comic As a Level (COMIC.WAD)

4. "Overgrowth" map in Gridlock 64

5. "Trials of Iniquity" map in Gridlock 64

6. "Command Station Zulu" map in Doomed in Space

7. Doom 64 Retribution TC


This is just maps, there are numerous mini mods for GZDoom as well.

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Most of my maps are in production. 


2000 - Vilecore (32 maps)

2003 - Blood Pentagram (1 map)

2003 - 10 Years of Doom (1 map)

2005 - 11 Years of Doom (1map)

2006 - Desecrated Paths (map01 NDCP megawad)

2006 - Bitter Harvest (map25 NDCP) (colaberated with BlackFyre)

2006 - Conglomeration Complex (map31 NDCP) (colaberated with Aliotroph?, PumpkinSmasher, Lutrov71, Fatal and Nuxius)

2009 - Ominous Core (map18, NDCP 2) 


I also made the 'D' in the 13 Years of Doom map. Lol.


39 maps. I'm close to release of a couple more and working hard on Vilecore 2 and a couple other projects. I'll get there someday.




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Mapping since mid 2018 so far I must've only made 3 maps that I haven't released, and none of them were finished

About the finished/WIP ones...




- Joy of Mapping 6, E3M14  "The Fury" // Actually got this name from that MGS3 Snake Eater boss of the same name


Finished and soon to be released:

- A Perdition's Gate Resurgence map

- Akeldama: MAP13 "Toxic Disgust"



- MAP19 of Akeldama

- A 32-map megawad of my own. Posted a few pics on the post your screenshot thread and on a few Doom discord servers

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Let's see:

  • 1 map for Community Chest 64
  • E1L3 Port of Duke3D.2018
  • 18 maps for Platforms of Doom 2017
  • 1 map for DMP 2017
  • 1 map for DMP 2016
  • Action time for Action Doom 2 - 1 map 2016
  • 1 map for DMP 2015
  • 1 map for DMP 2014
  • 21 maps for MM8BDM MA
  • 4 maps for ZBloody Hell
  • 1 very crappy First map from 2012

50? wow

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Well, since no-one will be interested to play any of my maps, I won't bother listing them detailed way.


Basically, it's 2 mediocre maps for DW community projects (one of which somehow got a wiki page, heh), 2 mediocre maps for ZDF community projects, 1 boring bland map, 1 trash map, 2 no-effort troll maps I made because I was edgy... That's it.


Edit: ok, not counting the no-effort maps, that'd be 6 maps in total so far.

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1. "Building Escape" Worse than UACMN, most pathetic excuse of a Doom map you'll ever play. Released in 2018 and made in only a week.


Do I have any future maps upcoming? The answer to that question is

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17 maps if I count those which are still in wip projects and included in threads. 14 if we count already released stuff.  More maps will come in future. 

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2014 - BSMAZE (Bryan J's Room of DM)

March 2018 - Hellro

Oct. 2018 - Just Demon Closets!


All of them are single maps, however this year, me and a couple of mappers are making a compilation deathmatch WAD of maps mostly created by (mostly) the three members of "Chocolate Doomslayers" (including me!)


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Doomworld Mega Project 2017 MAP46 ''Antidote'' (1 map)

Castle Struggle (1 map)

Unhappy Expedition (1 map)


Verse Hopper E2M3 ''I Get Wet'' (1 map)

NoMonochrome (8 maps)

The Oasis (1 map)

Scattered Ashes (10 small maps)

Joy of Mapping 6 E4M10 ''Misnomer'' (1 map)


Nothing released as of yet, but I have some big plans :)



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somewhere in the 40s, counting all my stuff tallied on the Doomwiki, plus a few others that aren't listed there, such as a map for CEMP. a pretty disappointingly low number though considering a good chunk of them are multiplayer speedmaps. and even worse that this has been over a 13+ year time span D:

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1 hour ago, KVELLER said:

A big, slick and curvy 0.


1 hour ago, Gaia74 said:





50 minutes ago, Maggle said:




Go me.

What they said.

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Literally just 2 so far. Hopefully more later...

2018 - Cacodad's Revenge (Giant Bomb logo level)

2019 - C3M5 for Freedoom (not officially added yet)


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I've released only one map and that was for the Mayhem2018 Purple Community Project, map14: Nailbiter.

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Haven't released much yet, but here we go:


2017: Heretic Upstart Mapping Project (HUMP) ~ E1M1: Sidhatraz

2018: Heretic Upstart Mapping Project Mini (HUMPmini) ~ E2M5: Cave of Damnation

2018: HeXen Upstart Mapping Project (XUMP) ~ MAP01: Pit or Sorrows

2019: Nova III ~ MAP2?: Platform Base


Nova III isn't out yet, though early versions of Platform Base were available on the Nova III development thread at one point last year (I've since removed the links).


Ironically, while I've made probably close to one hundred unreleased Doom maps, most of the maps I've released so far are for Heretic (Sidhatraz is actually the first map I ever made for Heretic, yet it's my first public release).


I keep track of my releases in my profile description, so any future releases will be included there.

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A list of nearly a decade worth of maps I've release:


2009 - Malinku's speedmapping session 1 (1 map)

2009 - 32in24-9 (2 maps)

2010 - Some Evil Outpost (1 map)

2010 - Doomworld Heretic speedmapping session 1 (1 map)

2010 - Hangar 22 Invasion (1 map)

2010 - Doomworld Heretic speedmapping session 2 & 3 (2 maps)

2010 - Revenge of the Reviving Angry Imps (1 map)

2010 - Speed of Corvus (1 map)

2010 - Happy Frickin Birthday 40oz (1 map)

2010 - 32in24-10 (1 map)

2010 - Doomworld Speedmapping Compilation #24 (1 map)

2010 - Eratspeed (1 map)

2011 - DOOM 2 UNLEASHED (3 maps)

2011 - The Shores of Phil (6 maps)

2011 - Phil's Infested Compound (1 map)*

2011 - 5 Minute Map Collection (2 maps)

2011 - Hangman Doom (1 map)

2013 - Doomworld Mega Project 2012 (1 map)

2013 - 32in24-13 (2 maps)

2015 - Doomworld Mega Project 2014 (1 map)

2015 - 32in24-14 (1 map)

2016 - Doomworld Mega Project 2015 (1 map)

2016 - 32in24-15 (2 maps)

2017 - RDC Speedmapping Contest #19 (1 map)

2017 - Bijou Doom (36 maps)

2017 - Heretic Upstart Mapping Project (1 map)

2017 - Eagle Speedmapping Session 7  (1 map)

2018 - Hell on Earth: Super Tiny Edition (32 maps)

2018 - Doomworld Mega Project 2017 (1 map)

2019 - Doomworld Mega Project 2018 (1 map)


List of completed maps that have yet to be release: 

Doomworld Omega Project 2018 (1 map)

32in24-17 (1 map)

Akeldama (1 map)

Hell on Phil (12 maps)


*Originally made for Plutonia Revisited Community Project but was rejected and was release as a stand alone wad.


I've made at least 123 maps at least since 2009.


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Doom the end (32 levels)
Simple base 1(2 levels)
Simple base 2(1 level)

Doom 2 Crashed(1 level)
ALT(Map17 and map18)
System Control(1 level)
Chainmap(1 level)
UTOH(1 level)
Lost planet(1 level)
Lost System(1 level)
2(2 levels) 
The fogotten town(1 level collaboration with Plut) 
Go Anomaly it(1 level, was supposed to be part of Go#It project, but was rejected and released stand alone) 
Dead end(1 level)
Undeath '94(E1M9)
Doomworld Mega project 2013 (map21)
Mayhem 2048(map02)
Whitemare 2(map11-map12)
Tale(2 levels)
Beta labs(e1m2,e1m4,e1m6,e1m8,e1m9)
RDC in name only submission (map02)
Consumed Earth(map04)
Doomworld Mega project 2014(Map26)
Doomworld Mega project 2015(Map01)
Contaiment Courtyard(1 level)
Bored.wad(1 level)
Boom water(1 level)
Under night sky(1 level)
Night Storm(3 levels)
Chaingunner's Wad pack(compilation of maps for idgames release)
OOWSFMLD(1 level)
Beta labs 2(e1m2,e1m4)

Speed Master(map03, map08)
The Shores of Russia(E2M1)
Doomworld Mega project 2018(map08)
Bloodspeed(map02, map05, map14-map18, map21, map33)
Ultimate^2(layout for E4M3 and E4M9)
Phobos Construction site(1 level)
Underground Servers(1 level)
Hours of Doom(3 levels)
~95 levels (not counting reused stuff)
Doom ni Youkoso! 2016-onward
(Wip vanilla megawad at the moment i have 9 finished maps, and 4 half-finished maps)


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