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How many maps have you created / released? (Wadmaker's Wadography Thread)

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Don't have a big resume unlike many people here, but i'll share how many maps i have done and released

Released maps for completed or abandoned projects
Arctic base - 1 map
Eternal damnation - 4 maps
Darkmoon alpha - 2 maps released

Complexe16 - 1 map
Eagle mapping project - 1 map
DWMP18 - 1 map
Verse Hopper - 1 map
The joy of mapping 6 - 1 map
Speedmap session - 1 map

Now as for maps that i've done and are pending release for one reason or another at this moment
Interception 2 - 2 maps, plus one collab
Community chest 64 - 1 map
Darkmoon - 1 map
Nova 3 - 1 map
48Hk - 1 map

1000 lines CP - 1 map

So uh, that makes 20 maps, 14 of them were made on 2018 and only 1 was completed this year. So yeah i wasn't really productive before 2018 hehe. I have some unreleased, more experimental maps that i've worked more over the years, but frankly i wouldn't count them since they'll most likely never see the light or day and a good chunk of them are incomplete

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I finally made a list of all my officially released Doom maps (31 maps in total!)


  • Doom the Way id Did: The Lost Episodes (2 maps)
    • E4M7: Babel’s Gate (with later edits by Xaser)
    • E6M4: Deimos Fortress
  • Doomworld Mega Project 2012 (1 map)
    • Map07: doomworldmatt
  • Doomworld Mega Project 2013 (1 map)
    • Map06: The Last Stand
  • Interception (7 maps)
    • Map01: Excavation Site
    • Map02: Research Facility
    • Map03: Flood Caverns
    • Map04: Medical Center
    • Map07: Floodgates
    • Map20: Beta Tower
    • Map30: Interception
  • Moon Escape (2 maps)
  • Atonement E1 + E2 (13 maps)
  • Atonement E3 (5 maps)
Edited by The Mysterious Moustachio : Forgot the two bonus maps in Atonement E1 + E2, bringing the total count up to 31! Almost a full megawad's worth!

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1996 (released in '99)






Map05--Doomworld Speedmapping Compilation #1

Map11--Doomworld Speedmapping Compilation #2

Map15--Doomworld Speedmapping Compilation #4

Map06--Doomworld Speedmapping Compilation #6

Map03--Doomworld Speedmapping Compilation #8

Map05--Doomworld Speedmapping Compilation #10



"Dementia" (E4M6 of 2002ADO)

Map06--Doomworld Speedmapping Compilation #16

unnamed deathmatch level for Dark Arena (Game Boy Advance)



Map02 and Map03 of Endgame



"Aztecorum" (Plutonia2)



"UAC Testing Facility" (Map17) and "Sinchaser" (Map23) of Deathmatch Revival

"Blood Ocean" (Map14) of ZMatch: 3rd Strike



"Parechesis" (E4M1 of Ashdream)


Plus 2 or 3 shitty speedmaps in something Alfonso ran


Total:  22 maps released


stuff in works:    Map25 of Akeldama (2018 start date--well technically parts are from 2002-03)

                         E4M5 of Ashdream (2001 start date)

                         Computer.wad (officially unreleased but is available in an early P2 dump started in '97 "finished" in '99 and now being worked on by someone else)


Edited by joepallai : forgot to add

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Directly taken from my profile :




* Junction Station (jctnstn.wad)

* 2048 UNLEASHED (Pcorf Community Project 2) (pc_cp2.wad)

     - MAP04 : Isolated Outpost

     - MAP20 : Mesotamia 2048

     - MAP48 : Demon's Dungeon



For a total of 4 created and released maps.

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2016 - Flesh and Carnage (it fucking sucks)

2018 - Faux German Name (contributed a few maps. It's a wolfenstein mod but, but I need something to fill the list. They're alright maps I guess)

Currently - Contributing maps to a work in progress Robocop TC made my ImpieTwo over at the Zdoom forums. Finished one map so far, and I think it looks alright.

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Below is a playlist of levels that I have made so far. Some of the levels fall into different categories. As of me writing this reply, I made a total of 53 levels. I will definitely be making more in the future.


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Around four duel maps, a map for 32 in 24-13, a map for a DWANGO anniversary pack, a Zmatch map and a single player map for five rooms of doom. Multiple incomplete maps that I plan to finish off at some point.

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After a rather long doom hyatus, I actually hope to release some maps in the not too distant future. I haven't produced any maps since DTWID days, so I'm kinda excited to be excited about Doom again; the 25th anniversary fanfare really inspired me, as well as the upcoming Sigil; doom really is still a great game..


Some of my more notable uploads:


Hellbent.wad (Single Player Doom2 map w/lots of secrets

The Yellow Keycard (actually not very notable at all haha, but I enjoyed making it, for some of the concepts employed)

Toxin refinery (episode 1 style map)

UAC Experiment (episode 1 style map)



Greenwar (32 mapset for DM)



r-mega.wad (32 mapset for DM)

breaker2.wad (a single DM map)



DW29.wad (a single dm map that plays very well with gravity set to 80%).



Greenwar2 (36 DM maps *detailed* by 32in24 team (Shaikoten, Essel and many others) 



Helltrip.wad (a unique single player map. I still think this is quite cool map and at least one person was a big fan of it: Earthquake)

DTWID: (e1m4) and one or two edits of other maps in DTWID





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2005 - Scourge (23 maps [including 1 scripted credits map])

2006 - White Light (1 map)

2006 - Too Much Brown Texture Pack demo room (1 map)

2006 - Warpzone (1 giant map)

2006 - ZDoom Catch the Chicken 4.0 zctcmaps.wad MAP05 (1 map)

2006 - Scars of the Wounded Prey (1 map)

2006 - Twisted Joke (1 map)

2007 - Community Chest 3 MAP18 (1 map)

2008 - Justice - Infernal Mechanics (1 map)

2008 - ZPack - Random Maps for ZDoom E1M2, E2M1 and E2M0 (3 maps)

2008 - Coils of the Twisted Tale (1 giant map)

2008 - Ten Community Project (TCP) MAP05 and MAP16 (2 maps)

2009 - Virus Episode 1 "Shareware Demo Release" (10 maps [including 1 "skip map" and 1 scripted credits map]) (plus two maps by guest mappers)

2009 - Tiny Pack 1: Tiny Chances of Survival (6 maps)

2009 - The Mouth of Death (3 collaboration maps)

2009 - Claws of the Enraged Beast (1 map)

2009 - Phobus' Fragments of DAC 2009 (2 maps)

2010 - White Light: 2010 Edition (1 map)

2010 - Phobus Doom - Episode 1: Base Invaders (Demo) (4 maps)

2010 - Small Dark Twisted Computer Lab (1 map)

2011 - Doom II Unleashed MAP10 (1 map)

2011 - Plutonia Revisited Community Project MAP14 (1 map)

2011 - 1994 Tune-Up Challenge MAP16 (1 collaboration map)

2011 - 32in24-11: Occupy Doomworld MAP25 and MAP40 (2 maps)

2011 - Doom the Way id Did E3M6 (1 map)

2011 - Blood Red (1 map)

2012 - MAYhem 2012 MAP01 and MAP06 (2 maps)

2012 - Community Chest 4 MAP03, MAP07 and MAP13 (3 maps)

2013 - Ascent to Damnation (1 map)1

2013 - Hell Inc. (1 map)1

2013 - Old Map Compilation (10 maps) (plus two maps by guest mappers)1

2013 - Tiny Pack 2: Minimal Resistance (Demo) (1 map)1

2013 - Escalation I: The Breach (1 map)

2013 - ZDoom Community Map Project Take #2 (1 giant collaboration map)

2014 - Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions: Session 2 MAP03 (1 map)

2014 - Nova: The Birth MAP11 (1 map)

2014 - Escalation II: Centurion Night (1 map)

2014 - Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions: Session 3 MAP02 (1 map)

2014 - Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions: Session 4 MAP02 (1 map)

2014 - E2MWalter (1 map)

2014 - Big Woodchip (1 map)

2014 - Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions: Session 5 MAP03 (1 map)

2014 - Urban Escape (1 map)

2014 - Loathsome Cleft (1 map)

2014 - MAYhem 2048 MAP23 (1 map)

2015 - Plutonia 1024: The Plutinya Experiment MAP23 (1 map)

2016 - MAYhem 1500 MAP16 and MAP22 (2 maps)

2016 - Triacontathlon (Demo) (7 maps)

2017 - TNT: Revilution MAP20 (1 map)

2017 - Doomer Boards Speedmapping Session, Yo! MAP05 (1 map)

2018 - Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions: Session 34 MAP09 and MAP19 (2 maps)

2018 - Doomer Boards Project 01: Monuments of Mars MAP03 (1 map)

2018 - Doomer Boards Project 04: Xenomorph Base MAP04 (1 map)

2018 - Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions: Session 37 MAP08 (1 map)

2018 - Persephone vol. 1 CREDMAP1 (1 scripted credits map)2

2018 - Doomer Boards Project 05: Coffin Curse MAP01 (1 map)

2018 - Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions: Session 38 MAP07 and MAP09 (2 maps)

2018 - Persephone vol. 2 MAP14 (1 map)2

2019 - Doomworld Mega Project 2018 DMP2018cl2 MAP03 (1 map)


Total Released Maps: 126



Doom Wiki page


Technically I have a map in Stronghold: On The Edge of Chaos, too, but that ended up nothing like the one I submitted, so I disowned it. There is some other stuff that has been deliberately lost to time or is part of ambitious WIP projects that may never see the light of day, plus a load of DECORATE creations as well - a lot of my maps have seen updated re-releases over the years that aren't listed above, as well. If we were including projects I'm credited in, this list would be significantly longer. I wonder what the first year I'll not release a map since 2005 will be? Any one of Persephone vol. 3, Triacontathlon, Suicide Missions or Darkened Heart could be released in the next 10-22 months, if I'd just finish an ambitious project for the first time in... 7 years? 10? Or I could just make something small and keep going.


As part of Phobus' Pre-'13 Grab Bag

The rest of these projects are minorly edited re-releases

Edited by Phobus

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My recent one:


2019 - Eternal Darkness (15 Maps)


This next one was cancelled and it's for Heretic, so I don't know if it counts.


2016 - Heretic X: Final Prophecy (10 maps)


25 Maps!

Of course there were more wads I created in the past (maybe 4), but unfortunately I don't have them anymore and we're never released.

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Created about 60 maps that can be played from start to end, some of them weren't released, but I Released most of them to the public: 

DoomXtremeV3 - It had 20 released maps of 23 that I made, people from ZDaemon played them quite a bit.

5 Duel maps that were submissions for a ZDaemon clan 1v1 mapset. They were uploaded to /idgames without my permission.

Massacre32 - 10 DM spammy maps for ZDaemon that I made a long time ago, which are awful (I posted it on a forum topic some weeks ago)

Trial to Hell V0.2 - 6 maps of a future 32 level vanilla Megawad I'm working on by myself (Check it out)

Future releases:

One 3 way CTF for the incoming 32in24-17
One map for Akeldama
Two maps for Interception 2
One map for 1k Lines CP
One map for Ultimate Doom In Name Only which is currently being edited by Jaws in Space since I haven't got too much time for it.
One submission for Final Doom TWID if the project comes back in the future

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So... Under this name (I'd prefer to leave past stuff buried in the past, thank you), I've done Thievery at the Forsaken Manor, the second to last map in 20 Heretics, then the Soundless Mound demo for Joel's contest and around the end of last year I organized the Spooktober Community Map Project, doing the hub map, final boss map and two secret maps in it.


That's 6 maps released so far. And I guess if I can also mention future stuff too...


"Viridescent" (ZDoom Community 2018 HeXmas Special, which unfortunately is still not yet released as of writing this)

Sector 29-A (what I was going to make for Joel but decided on Soundless Mound instead)

Thievery at the Forsaken Manor Redux

crimes_m: the single player campaign for abort_m nobody expected (18 maps)

Soundless Mound (10(?) maps)
The Ultimate Spooktime (3 original maps, the rest are vanilla)

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Some are in the works though.


@SirJuicyLemon I would keep going on making maps. Everyone starts somewhere. Do not expect to become some expert map maker. So keep going!

Edited by Rhebiz : why not?

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4 hours ago, Rhebiz said:


@SirJuicyLemon I would keep going on making maps. Everyone starts somewhere. Do not expect to become some expert map maker. So keep going!

Aww, thanks!

Yeah, I've had some really cool ideas for maps and some of them I've tried to make real but some are hard to bring into reality so the frustration stops me. But honestly that's fair and my own fault for trying to "go big or go home" while having made zero good and simpler maps before.


Now I'm trying to do a little research (such as analyzing Doom's original maps designs and composition) because one of my biggest problems at mapping is how to properly choose good textures and brightness levels for each sector at a room to make more interesting and avoid boring one-textured wall designs. At the time, I'm just trying to think of level composition and designs before entering into mapping without a clear idea of what I want.

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2 minutes ago, SirJuicyLemon said:

Now I'm trying to do a little research 

Good video on basic tips of level design taken straight out of the words of Romero.

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4 minutes ago, Rhebiz said:

Good video on basic tips of level design taken straight out of the words of Romero.

Oh yeah! Mr. Romero's advices are really good and I've had always trying to take care with the same details he describes. But the cool designs he chooses for every sector in every map he made is something that takes more time to learn, at least for me.



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Ah well, I'll bite.

There were some shitty DM wads I've made as a noob, they're buried somewhere in the past and no one really cares for them.

Onto the notable ones:



Techwars (23 maps for ZDoom)



Armageddon Invasion 2 (4 maps, one is on a collaboration with wario)

*There were also 2 tune-up works for 2 maps for Jumpmaze, but the original maps were not made by me.



MAYhem 2012, MAP12 (collaboration with Kongming)



The Joy of Mapping 5, E3M9 (1 map)



Endless Night (4 out of 9 maps are completed, GZDoom mapset in the works)


Will be released at some point in my life:

- The 10 or so maps of Techwars 2 that have been completed but scrapped

- Forgotten Elysium (a map originally made for Nova III but I lost motivation and dropped out of it)


So... 29 maps, and 9 more to come later this year.

I'm a turtle when it comes to mapping...

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The Mis-Adventures Of Dynamite Episode 0 [TNT Strikes] - 18 Maps (16 regular, 2 secrets)


The Mis-Adventures Of Dynamite Episode 1 [War On Poneto] - 31 Maps (28 Regular, 2 Secrets, 1 Title map)


The Mis-Adventures Of Dynamite Episode 2 [Cybernetica Dreams] - 18 Maps (18 Regular, 0 Secret)



Another DooM 1 Dumb Remake - 36 Maps (E1M1 - E1M8 + E1M9, E2M1 - E2M8 + E2M9, E3M1 - E3M8 + E3M9, E4M1 - E4M8 + E4M9, )



GoWithIt - 1 Map



The Mis-Adventures of Dynamite 3D - Currently got 5 maps done, 4 regular and 1 hub.

A Questionable DooM 2 Remake - MAP01 - MAP12 Done


Not counting WIP stuff, I have released 68 Maps. I. MUST. RELEASE. ONE. MORE!!!



Edited by DynamiteKaitorn : I just remembered about GoWithIt

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You guys got me interested enough to actually count them. I think this is all of the ones I released under a name.



CYDM03: Vertical Datapath


300 Minutes of /vr/:
MAP06: Top Secret Labradoodle


100 Minutes of /vr/:
MAP04: Coolant Recycling
MAP08: Hundomin


E1M1: Sinking
E1M2: Down
E1M3: Flurrious
E1M5: Fielding
E1M6: Rampart
E1M8: Hazardous Coast
E1M9: Pop Some Hops
E2M1: On Fire
E2M2: Drained
E2M3: Sequester
E2M4 + Jaws In Space: Metal
E2M7: Mistory
E2M8: Audience
E2M9: Addle
E3M1: Isolation
E3M2: Claustrophilia
E3M3: Dungeon
E3M4 + AD79: Acrophobinox
E3M5: Shine On
E3M6: Seeing Red
E3M8: Rok
E3M9: Begin
E4M2: Ice Melt
E4M3: Quick
E4M4: Window Pain
E4M5: Mal Aerna
E4M6: Cliffusion
E4M8: EyeBrawl
E4M9: Home


Hellshots Golf:
GOLF04: Icarus Towers
GOLF06: Flatlands
GOLF07: Dinner for fore
GOLF15: Haunted Raveyard


MAP01: Corridor
MAP02: Waste Substructure
MAP03: Alternate Route
MAP04: Agoraphobos
MAP30: Lovely
MAP31: Caged
MAP32: The Ballroom



So 44 total, plus a bunch I released anonymously or nearly anonymously. DM maps and speedmaps and the like, some for 200 Minutes of /vr/. I don't feel like hunting them down.

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Two Duke Nukem 3D maps in 2015, My Name's Duke Nukem and the much improved Groovy Street. I did dabble in Doombuilder a bit, no Doom maps done though.


edit: Actually, I did spend a good bit of time on a Doom 2016 snapmap. Several days, I was proud of it for what it was. Lot of scripting the enemies and whatnot, called Slay Ride.

Edited by PsychoGoatee

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BHOUSE (1 map)

How long can you last (1 map)

E1 The Test (1 map)

Doom Incarnate: E1M1 and E1M2 (1 map)



Journey to Erebus (3 maps)

Hell's Ingress (1 map)



Vile Advance (1 map)

Lost Sanctum (1 map)



Glaive (9 maps)


That's 19 maps. I'm reasonably proud of everything released after 2007.

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Raising acid map.

Raising lava map.

Galaxy map.

Darkness chasing you map.

Cyber maps (four in total).


Total of 8 maps.

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gurgle (6 maps, first release)

mcdoomalds.wad - An unserious WAD (1 map)

pacdoom (1 map)

McDoomalds 2: Burger Baron (1 map)

SPASE BASE (1 map, DMP 2018)

e1m1hw (e1m1 Halloween version)

morty (1 map, morty from Rick and Morty)

Space Urinal (1 map, for JOM6)


13, hope to release more meme maps!

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