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How many maps have you created / released? (Wadmaker's Wadography Thread)

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2008-09: Pac-DOOM (multiplayer WAD) (Incomplete, likely lost)*

2016: Data Processing Facility (MAP01) (Complete, but Unreleased)

2016: Cargo Bay (MAP 02) (Incomplete, later versions lost)


*It was still good enough for my economics class in high school as I had to "make a business" for a project and there had to be an example product. I did a video game developer and used the Pac-DOOM wad as my example. People were surprisingly impressed for a game made on a game engine from when they were literally babies. Got a 100 on that project.

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2.5 maps. One of them has been released.


2017 - Deimos Abandoned Base #79 - (it's one map but the size of 3 or 4)


2018 - Phobos Abandoned Outpost pt 1 (completed but not yet released)


2019 - Phobos Abandoned Outpost pt 2 (work in progress)

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So far I’ve only released one episode of a mod called backwoods containing six maps (more like five and a half since the sixth still needs some work)


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Made? Like completed? Maybe six or eight. Released? None from what I remember. Nothing official that wasn't a beta or "Someone play this and tell me what you think" type gunk from 2010. 


Wish I had, though. Someday, maybe. Someday. 

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Through & Around - Gridlock Project

Isolation - Doomworld Mega Project 2017

Research Station - Deadly Standard E1 Community Project

Ore Refinery - Deadly Standard E2 Community Project

Raided Tomb - Doomworld Omega Project 2018


Orphanage - Akeldama (rejected)



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More info about this (warning, this is a long list):


RELEASED (idgames)



Try of a level of Doom - 2 maps

Demons just wanna have fun - 1 map

Morbid scream - 1 map

Wolfenshit Act One - 1 map

Wolfenshit Act 2 - 1 map



We are 183! - 1 map

I'm not able to made deathmatch maps but i still made it - 7 maps

The cacodemon factory - 2 maps

bleah! - 1 map



Shades of Gray - 1 map

Hell Fucker Castle!!! - 1 map

All i want is hate TNT - 1 map

Chip 512 - 3 really short maps

gamarra death match!!!!!! - 1 map

Rabbit Doom: Daisy Revenge! - 1 map

Knee Deep in yor fears - 1 map

Bleha II: Tower of Stupid - 22 maps

Wolfenshit Act 4 - 15 maps

Nikita Base - 1 map

Hell Underneath - 2 maps

Vanessa the killer bitch - 1 map

Monocromatic Fortress - 1 map

Crap Speedmapping Episode 4 - 8 levels

Stone, Metal 'n' Flesh - 1 map

Special Squad Cobra 11 - 4 maps

The last joke! - 34 maps

32 in 24 5 - 2 maps

Catacomb rmx - 1 map

The d'sparil labs - 1 map

1 monster megawad - 3 maps

daimon dojo - 1 map

Freedom Fighters - 6 maps

Diet 32 in 24 - 2 edited maps made by other people



1024 seized megawad - 17 maps

Tech Tower of Ladyboys - 1 map

32 in 24 6 - 1 map

Jesus Deathmatch - 1 map

Return on Deimos Shityard - 3 maps

Ten Community Project - 3 maps

Once upon a time in Doom Universe - 8 maps

Knee deep in the crap - turbo edition - 1 map

amarcorde - 1 map



Super Mario Bros Deathmatch - 1 map

a lost 2005 oddity - 1 map

rock and roll rebel radio against satan city - 2 maps

Labs of Deimos Revisited - 1 map

Claustrophobia 1024 - 1 edited map from another mapper

At hell's gate - 1 map

Malinku's speedmapping session 1 - 1 map

32 in 24 9 - 3 maps



Claustrophobia 1024 2 - 2 maps by me, 4 maps edited from maps of other people

Walt's Anomaly - 1 map

Running trought the ices - 4 maps

Doomworld Heretic speedmapping session 1 - 2 maps

Heretic treasure chest - 2 maps

Speed DM Anthology - 1 map

Citadel of Mental Abstraction: A Chris Wright Tribute? - 1 map

DungeonmaniA - 1 broken level

R.I.P. Pietro Tarricone - 1 map

Doomworld Heretic speedmapping session 2 & 3 - 3 maps

Speed of Corvus - 1 map


32 in 24 10 - 3 maps

Ultimate Vines Docking Flesh Temple - 1 map



Doom 2 Unleashed - 5 maps

Maintenance Sewers - 1 map

DoomHero85's Speedmapping Session 001 - 2 maps

1994 tune-up project - 3 edited maps from other mappers layout

5 minute map collection - 4 maps

32 in 24 11 - 1 map

All SLIGE'd Up - 1 map

E1M1-11-11: Travel on the 11th Dimension - 1 map

better run trought the jungle - 1 map

Forgotten Nirvana - 1 map

Doom the way ID did - 1 map



Nutty Shells - 1 map

The Doom Universe's Total Randomness Community Project - 2 maps

Odamex Nitro Deathmatch - 1 map

Community Chest 4 - 1 map

Crude 2: A polittycally semi-corect magical adventure!  - 2 maps

MAYHEM 2012 - 3 maps

DMP 2012 - 1 map

Doom the way ID did lost episodes - 2 maps



Hadephobia - 2 maps

100 lines - 2 maps

WOOO - 1 map

32 in 24 13 - 1 map

Mayhem 2013 - 1 map

DMP 2013 - 1 map



Abyssal Speedmapping Session 4 - 1 map

Abyssal Speedmapping Session 8 - 1 map

6666 days of dooming - 1 map

Deathmatch Revival - 1 map

Party Base - 1 map

WTF is killer colours -1 map

WOOO 2 - 3, maybe 4 maps? I don't remember now...

Switcheroom - 1 map

Switcheroom: The Forgotten Maps - 1 map

Mayhem 2048 - 2 maps

32 in 24 14 - 1 map

DMP 2014 - 1 map



Abyssal Speedmapping Session 16 - 1 map

Abyssal Speedmapping Session 18 - 1 map

Abyssal Speedmapping Session 19 - 1 map

Abyssal Speedmapping Session 20 - 1 map

Abyssal Speedmapping Session 22 - 1 map, 2 maps edited from other mappers layouts

Abyssal Speedmapping Session 23 - 1 map

Abyssal Speedmapping Session 24 - 2 maps (just the same map edited by me)

The art of recycling gifts - 6 maps

Plutonia 1024: The Plutinya Experiment - 1 map

Joe-Ilya Birthday Night - 1 map

Storage Bay - 1 map

PhobosDeimos Anomaly - 1 map with phobosdeimos1

2048 unleashed - 3 maps

Switches room - 1 map

oh - 1 map

Doomworld Roulette 1 - 1 map

32 in 24 15 - 2 maps

Mayhem 1500 - 2 maps

Doom 2 Consumed Earth - 1 map

DMP 2015 - 1 map



Abyssal Speedmapping Session 26 - 1 map

Abyssal Speedmapping Session 28 - 1 map

Abyssal Speedmapping Session 29 - 1 map

Abyssal Speedmapping Session 30 - 1 map

Tyson's Delight - 2 maps

Ultimatum - 1 map

WOOO 3 - 3 maps

WooD - 1 map

DMP 2016 - 1 map

32 in 24 16 - 1 map



Eagle Speedmapping Session 2 - 1 map

Eagle Speedmapping Session 3 - 1 map

Eagle Speedmapping Session 4 - 1 map

Confinement 256 - 3 maps

Pigeon Speedmapping Session 1 - 1 map

Pigeon Speedmapping Session 2 - 1 map

Pigeon Speedmapping Session 3 - 1 map

Undead 94 - 2 maps edited from other mappers layout

Joy of Mapping 3 - 1 map

HUMP - 1 map

Super Mayhem 17 - 2 maps

DMP 2017 - 1 map



Abyssal Speedmapping Session 35 - 1 map

Abyssal Speedmapping Session 39 - 1 map

Abyssal Speedmapping Session 40 - 1 map

Abyssal Speedmapping Session 42 - 2 maps

Pigeon Speedmapping Session 4 - 1 map

Island of Peril - 2 maps

Lively Unusual: A standard UD speedmapping community project - 1 map, project lead

HUMP mini - 1 map

Xump - 1 map

Mayhem 2018 Orange ed. - 1 map


plus 2 maps made for that JawsOfSpace heretic speedmapping sessions



Joy of mapping 6 - 1 map


RELEASED (not on idgames yet):


2007?: Two little maps for duel DM, vanished from the net


2011?: A pair of maps for the same zdoom forum challenge from Ultimate Vines (2010) came from, unluckily vanished from the net since the hosting site is dead


2011/2?: A ten minutes maps 32 levels megawad based upon the idea of making a 5 mins megawad remake, mediafire link dead


2011, maybe earlier?: A speedmapping thing for some guy speedmapping project.


2011?: 1 map for a "worst map" contest


2013: 1 map for another "worst map" contest


2014: 3 maps, solo projects


2015: 6 maps, 3 maps for mappers birthday (obsidian, pinchy and some other guy), 1 map for UDino and a pair of solo projects (that takes part of some other higher breath project that goes nowhere)



5 maps are some speedmapping for some 1 hour speedmapping sessions hold by some guy (DoomHero or phml maybe?)

1 map from switcheroom 2

1 map from texture extravaganza

1 rejected map from mayhem 2016 made with benjogami

1 map from that aquatex community project (that i want to release with more maps, but it just goes into the oblivion)

Booming Barrels Testing Facility - 1 map

A map released only on a Facebook Doom page i host with other people for celebrate the 666 likes hit.



2 maps from that abandoned seidolon community project

1 map for Gridlock

1 map for Texture Extravaganza

16700 secrets - 1 map

Eagle Speedmapping Session 6 - 1 map

Eagle Speedmapping Session 8 - 1 map



Eagle Speedmapping Session 10 - 1 map

Eagle Speedmapping Session 11 - 1 map

Deadly Standards 2 - 1 map

Speedmapping Theme Challenge - 7 maps demo, plus 12 unreleased raw speedmaps from the same project that needs some detailing

Doom Doom - 27 maps, pretty much unfinished in some parts, made out for the NaNoWADMo challenge, a playable alpha was released

Omega Project 2018: 1 map

DMP 2018: 1 map



Abyssal Speedmapping Session 43 - 1 map

Abyssal Speedmapping Session 44 - 1 map


plus lots of unreleased maps from 1997/8 made from my erliy days of mapping with DCK 2.0 and shit, plus some test maps made for shit and giggles and then deleted after i made it and also some wip maps like the one for Akeldama

Edited by Walter confetti

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Is crazy and awesome to see how much maps some of you made.



Hellish Pain (3 maps)


Doomworld Mega Project (1 map)


Inside The Feared Madness (1map)

Desecrated station (1map)

Doomworld Omega Project (1 map)

and one unreleased map caled zbase plus some few  small testing shit

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How many maps have you made in your mapping career? How many have you published to the forums / idgames? Me personally, (as of today) I have made 54 55, and published 9 41! Personally, I started off mapping this year in February, as a singleplayer mapper - I tried making a deathmatch map one day, and well - that turned into my current 32 map project. Now it seems I'll mostly stay in the deathmatch area - might go back to SP every now and then, though.


I'd like to know others' mapping histories. I know it'll be hard for some of the veteran mappers here to come up w/ a complete list, but I encourage them to try!


I am really curious to hear from the rest of you!


My Maps:


Single Player:

-'ACE-1' - 8 maps (Published)

-Unreleased SP Map



-FrantikDM - 32 maps (Published)

-Scrap Maps 1 - 6 maps (soon to be released)

-TWANGO-1 (MAP28) (Published)

-4 unnamed duel maps

-2 unnamed FFA maps



You do not need to necessarily link your projects, but if that's easier for you, by all means, go for it! :)

Edited by Arrowhead

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i've made 4, all scrapped, unfinished, or unreleased, and am currently working on 2 more for community projects

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Notable mappers have their history recorded on the Doom Wiki page.  My slightly bare-bones entry is here.


It can be a pretty incredible read for someone with a prodigious output like Jimmy.

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As of 2009-ish, a total of 122 maps, counting unreleased ones.


EDIT: Guess I could link my respective wiki page.

Edited by MFG38

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I was gonna say “oh hey, I actually made a similar thread recently” then realised it was well over 2 years ago now.. Holy fuck.. Well, it’s a bit out of date, but here it is:



I think my current tally of maps would be at.. I want to say about 230 now? That’s released maps, there’s been a few scrapped over the years and the ~20ish maps I made from 01-03 are forever lost. The fact that you’re already in the 50s is impressive!

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From Doomkid's post, it seems @pcorf and @Walter confetti have made the most maps. Just based on what they posted, Pcorf says he has over 500 maps made, and counting Walter's, I found there to be about 460 maps that he made, but he said there were a bunch he didn't release, and I'm sure it's the same for Pcorf. Still pretty crazy that one person could produce that many maps for 1 game. 

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Eh, made a few.

Neptune had 4
Wither had 10
I made one for 3x3
another one for the Theme-ga-wad
and a one-off i made while i was bored out of my mind with click.wad

been trying to make better ones with more detail and stuff but it doesn't turn out great LUL

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Screwed around a bit when I was in my teens/early 20s. Now am 41 sooo yeah. Don't think I ever actually completed anything and they are now lost to time. No great loss. Been tempted to try again even just for myself to say I finished at least one map, but given my list of interests could occupy four people that may be asking a bit much of my time.

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The ones that I have released so far are 10. I started back in 2019 and released a clunky badly put-together map. Then I made a bunch of maps that I never finished and then I and my friend made "Ducks lair of death" and then I worked on more projects that I never finished, Got burnt out but then burnt up so I released BACON1 and then got burnt out again and then burnt back up and created the rest of the BACON series (with some added help thank you @Mr.Rocket), then I made shotgun mayhem and then the rest. I have many unfinished maps, oh I also secretly released a map I made on @Reelvonic's wad archive named PITT.

Overall, it started out as me getting doom builder and learning over time and then release them. I have over 30+ unfinished maps.


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Released: 35
Released on idgames: 7
Released + Finished but not released: 43

All released, finished, and partially finished and pending release: 49


Released Quake maps: 3

I'm not sure how many ROTT and Wolf3d maps I've also finished, but those were never released.


I think I started mapping in 1994 or 1995?  I can't remember exactly, but I remember starting out with just graph paper.  When I got my own computer, I used DEU and ADE (a version of DEU for Doom 2).  I also took a long break in the early 2000s.

EDIT: my wiki article starts with my 2010 release of One Doomed Marine.  Which feels about right, as the stuff I released prior to that is no longer available online.  It used to be, but I don't have the accounts for those websites anymore (I mean, does Angelfire even exist anymore?)

Edited by Remilia Scarlet

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I've been playing around with DoomBuilder on and off since 2017, but only within the past few months have I actually finished any maps.  I've released 7 maps so far, and have two more completed that will be included in Episode 1 of Below (my 32-map project), in addition to a couple of still-in-progress maps also intended for Below.

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2 hours ago, Doomkid said:

I was gonna say “oh hey, I actually made a similar thread recently” then realised it was well over 2 years ago now.. Holy fuck.. Well, it’s a bit out of date, but here it is:


That was 2 years ago already? Time keeps on moving into the future somehow....


Released 41 maps.


2000 - Vilecore (32 maps) (wiki says 2003 due to a small bug-fix update)

2003 - Blood Pentagram (1 map)

2003 - 10 Years of Doom (1 map)

2005 - 11 Years of Doom (1map)

2006 - Desecrated Paths (map01, The Newdoom Community Project)

2006 - Bitter Harvest (map25, The Newdoom Community Project) (collaborated with BlackFyre)

2006 - Conglomeration Complex (map31, The Newdoom Community Project) (collaborated with Aliotroph?, PumpkinSmasher, Lutrov71, Fatal and Nuxius)

2009 - Ominous Core (map18, The Newdoom Community Project  2) 

2020 - Grim Sector (map 16, Rowdy Rudy II: Powertrip)

2021 - Deepshale Station (map02, WMC01 - The Rising)


I also made the 'D' in the 13 Years of Doom map. Lol.


I have a few close to finished projectiles.

  • Vilecore 1.2
  •  Circle of Pain (for WMC02 - They Flesh Vored)
  • 28 In 2021 a UDMF level for Doom's 28th...
  • 10 Years of Doom Remaster
  • E3M2: Slough of Despair for the Doom Memory project

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I've published 4 maps and have 3 unfinished ones. Soon to be 2 unfinished ones. Would be more if i weren't such a bloody perfectionist.

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Have published 5 (2 for myself and 3 for community projects) and have 1 unfinished one, probably my best one that I'm making.

Edited by 1Destro3456

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When I started I made 3 small practice maps that are not published for obvious reasons. Then I have one published map. After that I decided to jump off the deep end and make a 32 map mega wad that I hope to have finished by the end of the year. 

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I discovered my wiki page by accident not that long ago, which is a definite ego boosting moment when you realize someone out there cared to catalogue your work. Also intriguing to look back on everything from years past, especially when you've had large gaps in mapping like I have. I just read a walkthrough of a map I created but couldn't recognize by the description or the overhead view...

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Before I joined doomworld, I had made around 13 maps in general, once I joined this forum, I created some, but didn't release any, I also have some pending projects.

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All of my maps can be found here.



Edit: I've made 12 maps but one of them isn't on this thread. It's from before I made this thread.

Edited by Jacek Bourne

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