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Satan wad (Monster Boss)

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I'm looking to make a custom monster wad of Satan, but I need help. I'm not good with Sprite Work. I need a Sprite for Satan.


Here's a few example images on how he can look like.


1. download.jpg.44de657ccb7eb3783f3e954e73e5440d.jpg


2. images.jpg.9c2e716ac7656a81a5ba4f33a25475e9.jpg


3. 145726821_download(1).jpg.7a8b7ad0b31a4c791a9ac3dc8aae93a6.jpg


Or you can mash them together like give him the body of No. 1 and the face of  No 2. Or the face of No. 3.


He can be the same size or 2 times bigger then the Cyberdemon.


His attacks can be of any idea you can think of.


He can even summon the Cyberdemon and/or the Spider Mastermind if you want him too since he is the ruler of all demonic beings.

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