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ixfd64: the former hardcore "Doomer"

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Although I rarely play the Doom series nowadays (I'm hooked on RuneScape now), I used to be one hardcore "Doomer"!

First, let me tell you how I got my username. A long time ago, I was very interested in Final Doom, before I actually got the game. I frequently visited the Final Doom official page, http://teamtnt.com/ixfd.htm. I thought the string "ixfd" was cool, and Final Doom had 64 levels (plus 64 was a cool number), so that's how I chose "ixfd64" as my username. I didn't capitalize the "i" so people would not accidentally read it as an "L".

I started Doom right after I finished seventh grade (I'm a junior now, by the way). A week after school was finished, I went to a friend's house to play some computer games with him. He had just won a CD with tons of shareware games on it at a contest. It had Doom and Duke Nukem 3D on it. I never tried the 3D shooter games before, so I tried them. Duke Nukem 3D was much harder, so I tried Doom first.

Well, when I was a newbie, I really sucked at Doom. I couldn't even figure out how to open those damn doors! I thought I had to shoot them open. I also did not know that I couldn't jump in the game, and I wasted a good half an hour trying to figure out how to do it.

A few days later, at someone else's house, I found out that she also had a shareware copy of Doom on a CD. I finally got to Command Control using the easiest skill level (didn't know about cheats at that time). I was so excited that I phoned my friend who originally showed me Doom! (She also had Heretic on the CD; my other friend had it too, but the files were corrupt.)

Well, the second time I visited the friend that originally showed me Doom, I had already known some cheat codes to the game. We frequently talked about the game (he was getting hooked, too), and we competed at who could play better without using cheats!

In eighth grade, I made many friends who loved the 3D shooter games. We always talked about them during lunch and brunch. One of my science teachers loved the 3D shooting games, too! She loved it when I showed her how to play Heretic.

However, after I entered high school, most of those people who played Doom went to a different high school. At that time, I was already a hardcore Doom fan! In ninth grade, I met a few people who were Doom fans, too.

In my ninth grade Engilsh class, my teacher always asked the students to share what they did over the weekends on Mondays or whichever day the school week began with. Of course, everyone laughed when I said that I beat Ultimate Doom without cheating! That was in the October, 2000. That month in Halloween, some students in my math class were drawing Halloween pictures on the boards. Well, a friend and I started to draw graphics from Doom!

And every day at brunch and lunch, I used to hum the Doom soundtracks to myself!

But that wasn't all of it, read on for more...

On many online services, I used usernames and passwords such as "iddqd" and "idkfa", etc.

I even made a modified version of the song "You are My Sunshine"...

"I have a chain-gun, my bad-ass chaingun...
You make me happy, when skies are hell..."

And you guys know about those programs used for home designers and you could walk around your dream home in virtual reality? Well, I thought about the possibility of someone hacking the program and adding weapons to it so you could shoot up your house....

Can you say "Doomer"?

In December, 2000, my family took a trip to the Southwestern United States. Of course, being that Doom addict, I brought along my laptop, which had Ultimate Doom, Doom II, and WadAuthor (which I think is the best level editor around). It also had several other games, like Quake and Heretic.

On Christmas day during the vacation, we visited the famous Barringer Meteor Crater in Arizona. Of course, I couldn't stop myself from humming "The Dave D. Taylor Blues", which was the soundtrack for the "Crater" level in Final Doom: Evilution.

Later during the vacation, I tried to make levels based on the places I visited (Grand Canyon, etc.), but unfortunately I never figured out how to build levels.

After the vacation, I kept playing the "Crater" level so I could remember the vacation by. Can you say "obsession"?

One particular morning after school started again, the sky was red due to a weather effect. Of course, I couldn't resist joking to a friend by saying, "You know how the sky was red all over this morning? That looks just like the nightmare sky from Doom!"

Well, I stopped playing Doom in later in February when I got hooked to RuneScape... But maybe if I quit RuneScape due to boredom I might become a Doomer again!

Anyone else got such stories to hear? I'd love to hear 'em! :D

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I once played doom for 5 hours straight without stopping, not even to get a snack or use the loo... hmmm once upon a time I was pleased about that :/.

Oh well. My username is an evolution from captain fat pants, a character that my brother invented. I took it and changed it to Capitan “red” pants after my brief obsession with red alert back in 1999. (when I first got it). Nowdays I mostly use the handle “Capt. Red” for online games and the like.

I still play doom under Jdoom and Zdoom, and sometimes, if I feel like being “old-school” I take out GlBoom. I am working on about three projects (which will probably never be released) and spend why to much time around these forums.

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Heh. I got a Runescape story. I played for one month, then http://zonerfiles.netfirms.com/coopersville/Runescape.JPG
My friends got bored of all the indirect trade request and the asking for free armor and left, so I followed them. I had full Addy, and some other things that were probably worth a lot too.

As for Doom. The first time I saw it was at an older kids house. I would go there and watch him play his games on his computer and one day he said, "Hey I got a new game on my computer, it's the best ever!" So I rushed into his basement with him. He was kind of an asshole so as soon as we got to the basement he told me how damn scary it was, describing the demons, blood and sceaming when they die (I was about 5, btw). I now didn't want to look at this game, I tried to get him back upstairs so we could play cops and robbers or something, but he said "Hell no" and locked me in the room with him. I hid behind a coach, watching him play from a safe distance. He really didn't do anything, except chainsaw barrels and kill himself. I went to his house less and less frequently over the years, the last time I went there, Doom II had just came out and he showed me that, I wasn't really as scared of it as much, so I pulled up a chair and watched next to him. That's all I got to say about that...
In 97 or so I was a few years older and I made more friends. One had just bought himself a new comp and invited me over to see all the games a family friend installed for him, One was Doom II. We mostly played that, but his parents were really strict and they sheilded him from game violence, so we had to sneak in games for half hour shifts. Having to quickly shut the game off without saving and only being able to play 30 minutes at a time wasn't a very fun Doom expirience.
In about 99 I finally got my own computer, first I played DN 3D, but I wanted Doom more. I tried to get my friend to brorrow the Doom II CD off the guy that installed his, but they didn't like eachother anymore, I had to save my money and get it myself. So I went to Staples Business Depot to see if they had Doom II but they didn't, they did however have the older Ultimate Doom; I bought that. I thought it was cool it came with the 4th episode and all so I was happy. I never did Find a copy of Doom II, I waiting until the Doom: Collector's Edition came out, AND I RENTED IT FOR FIVE BUCKS! Sweat deal, it came with Final Doom too!
So time went on, I beat them a few times through, read Fodder's "how to DM" post Now I play on IDE....
-------------------------------THE END----------------------------------

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Nice story.

--DOOM Anomaly's really super quick rundown of his Dooming existance--

6 years old, find Doom, play, buy, play, buy, play, play, play, buy, buy, play, play, play, play, play, play, play, play, play, play, play, play, play, play, play, play, play, play, play, play, play, play, play, play, play, play, play, play, play, play, play, play, play, play, play, play, play, play, play, play, play, play, play, play, play, play, play, play, play, play, play, play, play, play...8 years later..Here I am, still Dooming :D

Sure it's a bit short of a rundown, but I dont feel like explaining the whole story..And Im sure Nobody wants to hear it.

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Well, I first saw Doom in...95 or 96 I think. Ultimate Doom it was and I played it on my friend's computer. Omg dude, I fucking loved it so much I immediatly became immersed in everything Doom. I got Doom for the SNES and played the hell out of it until I finally got a computer. I got Ultimate Doom for my birthday and was so fucking happy. I wanted Doom II SOOOOOO BAED and one day my cousin, my brother and I were at WalMart ( :-/ ) and I saw Doom II for $10!!! I bugger her until she caved and bought it. I was fucking estatic. Then I found Final Doom AND The Master Levels at a mall (seperate stores) and I fucking got them too. Then I...accuired Hexen, Heretic, Strife and Hacx. Yeah. I also have the PSX Doom and Final Doom and have played and beaten Doom 64 (I don't own an N64, it was my cousin's). I have GBA Doom as well and am getting GBA Doom II as well as Wolf 3d and that Duke Nukem game too. Well, anyway, that isn't much of a story but yeah, whatever.

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My Entire Life, Summed Up

1987: I was born.
1995: See Doom playing in a computer display. Buy shareware version for $11.
1996: Finally save up enough to buy Doom II (wow! 70 whole dollars!)
1996: Buy 'Tricks of the Doom Gurus' for $10 because it was falling apart. Take up editing with WADED. I still have my first level on my
hard drive. :D
1997: Buy Lost Episodes of Doom w/ book. Love them.
1997: Also buy 'Alchemy' because TotDG fell apart.
1997: See Final Doom. Looks interesting. Turns out to be OK, nothing
1997: Discover the art of co-operative Doom II.
1997: Get Ultimate Doom for Christmas. Woohoo!
1998: Buy Heretic and Hexen. Great!
1998: Discover Doomworld (it's been my homepage ever since).
1999: Horrors!!! I lose interest in Doom, move to Quake (Quake 1! The others suck, IMO)
2000: Get bored with Quake, lose interest in gaming.
2001: Rediscover Doom with the Episode One contest at Doom Center.
2001: My first released level is released in the E1week WAD. Mediocre at best.
2001: Second wad (HELLARNA.WAD) is released. Fairly decent, I think.
Got 8/10 at Karthik's (at least I think... the old review isn't up anymore, can't check).
2002: Third wad (COMP867.WAD) released. Also decent, though the limitations of WADED were starting to get on my nerves.
2002: Fourth wad (UNDGTECH.WAD) almost was finished. Adding a few sectors here and there. Sidedef count goes above the WADED limit. I save. WAD is b0rked.
2002: I ditch WADED and grab WadAuthor. Woohoo! Bliss! I make a few test wads to try out the editor. Turn out well.
2002: Hear about Community Chest project, try my hand at making a level. It turns out well, but WadAuthor does something screwy with the
sectors. Arghh!! I create another WAD for the project, this time E1
styled. Again, it is raped by WadAuthor.
2002: DIE WADAUTHOR DIE!!! I buy DeepSea. Woohoo! Map making is now
very smooth and relentless-wad-corruption free. Currently making the
secret maps for the Community Chest project.

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Okay, let me say something. Wadauthor rules. i can make complex maps much easier than on deepsea. and Do you guys play any other old skool games besides doom? i mean we got Blood, diablo, quake, shadow warrior, throne of darkness...

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The first time I saw Doom was when I rented it to play on the SNES. After about five years or so, I forgot all about it, except for an old instruction booklet that somehow made its way into my desk. Then I bought Ultimate Doom. The only thing I could remember about the SNES version was that some music was changed, and there were more maps (e2m2 wasn't included in the SNES version, for instance).

Now, for the next few weeks or so, I was content with playing Doom and ROTT every so often. Then my brother showed me this new game that was included on another disk, called Heretic. He had the shareware version, but I managed to get the full version a couple of months later. I put Doom aside to play Heretic for the next half year. By about this time, I noticed that there were custom made maps for Doom and Heretic, so I played a few of them for a while. Then I decided to attempt to make my own maps, just for laughs.

I bought Tricks of the Doom Gurus, and after I was finished fooling around with a few of the maps that were included on the CD, I started experimenting with the different editors. The first one I tried was WadEd. Big mistake. That thing had to be the worst editor I had ever seen, but I didn't know any better then, so I made a map or two with it. A room here...an enemy there...and that was about the extent of my map making abilities. I practiced some more, and I decided to actually attempt to make a single player map (gate.wad I think it was). I got about halfway, and then the crashes began. It got so bad, that I just scrapped the entire map (it was hideous anyway) and give up map making for a while, at least single player maps anyway. Using DCK 2.2 I eventually made hepta.wad, which was my first real map (and I think it's still on 3DArchives). Then I turned my attention to Heretic.

I made a few deathmatch maps, mainly to play deathmatch with my brother on. I only released one of those maps, since the others were terrible. Around this time, I bought Doom 2, and I played it for a while. However, I never made another map for Doom or Doom 2, since I liked working with Heretic more. I wanted to attempt a single player map again, but for some reason, I wanted to make an entire episode. After a few long months of experimenting, tinkering, learning what to do and what not to do, I managed to finish carnage.wad. It originally had no new textures, music, sounds, or sprites. It was just 9 maps of what I thought were fairly decent maps. Then I discovered DMgraph, so I decided to replace some textures, sprites and whatever with new ones. I'm sure you can imagine the mess that program caused. Literally hundreds of pictures that had to be included with the zip file had to be loaded and unloaded with dmgraph. Like I said, a terrible mess. Then I discovered how to get WinTex to work. It took a while, but I cleaned up the entire mess and crammed it into one nice, neat file. Then came Hexen.

This opened up a whole new world of possibilities, but I decided to build maps on it some other time. I was about halfway through one of the early maps of ichor.wad and I didn't want to stop now. After finally finishing this new episode, I decided to turn my full attention not on Hexen just yet, but Quake, mainly Team Fortress. This is where the real fun begins.

I was (and probably still am) an op in DALnet's #StarTrek, and there was someone who was in a Quake clan called, oddly enough, [Nerd]. I decided to try it out. By this time, I was getting tired of buying new joysticks every month or so because they kept breaking, so I started using the mouse. I'm still not sure why, but they actually accepted me, despite the fact that I was still getting used to a mouse and had a 14.4 modem and no even remotely decent video card. With such a terrible connection, I had to resort to stealth tactics, and I started using the medic. I would have used the scout, but the only thing going for him was his speed. The medic was only a little slower and had more armor and firepower. Also, he had concussion grenades as well, allowing me to get to high places without taking any damage whatsoever.

A few months later, I decided to make a map for Team Fortress. One side would be all offense and one side would be all defense, and you had to get inside, take a scroll through a teleporter to a place that many people call Hell (probably the crimson red sky) and place it on the altar. Then the sides would switch. There were also six artifacts that you could carry around to power you up in some way. It was intended as a practice map for the clan, but its popularity defies all known logic. Even to this day, that map is still being playing on some Team Fortress servers, and I still have not the slightest idea why it's still popular after all these years.

Now that Nerd is gone (that's another story, and not very pleasant), I decided to work on the third, and probably last, series of maps, this time for Hexen. It was originally intended to be used by the original Hexen engine modified slightly using a DeHacked type program called Hex, but once I discovered JHexen, I could modify things that I never even began to consider. This time, it was going to be a monster 30 or so maps. Right now, only the first six of Carnage Galore 3 are done (with the seventh about halfway finished).

I still play Doom and Doom 2 every so often, but usually it's when there's a new nice looking wadfile that's just been released. I've also gone back to playing Team Fortress using my old clan name [Nerd]Brain, but things have changed there. Now, there's a fairly new mod (a mod of a mod?) called CustomTF, which is usually quite fun (except for those ever-hated snipers) and can be very amusing at times (look at my last post of 'What're the most hilarious moments you can remember from the past during deathmatchin' thread for a great example).

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Heh, I didn't get to play Doom until a while after Doom2 came out, since at the time we only had an Amstrad EGA computer (I couldn't even play Wolf3d, it was horrible! :P)

But anyway I first played Doom when I got the shareware version of it in some CD pack, and yeah, I became addicted instantly ;)

And the rest pretty much goes from there. I got Doom2 and Final Doom, made a few levels (they were crappy, but unfortunately they got deleted somehow :/). Then I had a break from Doom for a while until something like 1999.

About that time I started mapping again, and when I finally got the internet, I discovered source ports, and it's been Doom for me ever since...

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I first played Doom back in '93, I guess. It was in the CAD lab (486DX2/33) at my highschool when I was in grade 10. Yes, my first Doom experience was Doom Shareware deathmatch. I was instantly hooked.

Fast forward to '97 (my parents were too cheap to buy a computer when I lived at home) and I'm at college taking my first year of Computer Systems Technology. Out comes Quake2 (I got a Voodoo1 for $360 for that damn game), I discover CTF and I end up retaking first year. At that time I went by the name FarWest (because I'm in Vancouver or something). I also play Tribes2 under the name FarWest, btw.

Then Quake3/UT comes out and I switch to timmie because I'm doing most of my playing at college on the LAN and I'm with friends (all my friends call me timmie).

Now in 2002, I'm back to Doom.

And that is the brief history of my life as it relates to Doom and my nickname.

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For me DooM started in the summer '93, after I went along with a classmate, who wanted to show me this awesome game, which kinda looked like wolfenstein/spear of destiny, but way cooler, stairs, lifts, more weapons and cooler monsters...

Although it was the sharewareversion of DooM, we quickly found out it's multiplayer function and I think we've played and played, the whole night through, until it was time to go to school again.

From that time I think there's been 2 or 3 years that I haven't played doom... ...and guess what...? Last month I purchased Final DOOM! Now I have my legal id software collection complete! :-)


Don't be a pirate
that eye patch doesn't look good on you :-P

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newbie ixfd64:
long story

Word of advice:
You might not want to use up everything you`ll ever have to say in you`re first few posts, you should spread it. Like me: I post one with value and then 3 with nothing usefull; one with value and then 3 with nothing usefull; one with value...

...guess what kinda post this is...

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1993: Got shareware Wolfenstein with ancient 386sx25.
1994: Acquired registered version.
1995: Grabbed shareware DooM for a cool £5.
1995: Picked up DooM 2
1996: Got registered DooM 1.2
1997: Discovered -file. Played Eternity and loved it.
1998: Grabbed tons and tons of maps off the web.
1998: Finally got a decent PC (well, decent at the time, a P200)
1998: Immediately went out and got every FPS under the sun. (Heretic, Hexen, DeathKings, Duke 3D, Final DooM, Quake, Quake mp's, Hexen 2)
1998: Got Quake 2 and loved it, despite the settings I had to play with.
1999: Malice, Hexen 2 mp, Duke add-ons. Got tons of Duke maps off the web.
1999: Discovered WadAuthor, created my first DooM map.
2000: Created my first DooM project. (op-lite2.wad) Aquired Atomic Duke for a cool fiver, and then a load of Atomic maps off the web.
2001: Created my DooM 2 megawad. Discovered how to FTP stuff.
2002: Joined Doomworld (on the blaze board), later joined the forums.
2002: Tried my hand at Heretic editing, made a 9-level episode.
2002: Came back to DooM, immediately converted to ZDooM and now a class episode is in the making.

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So, in short, everyone discovered DooM, then forgot all about it, and the re-discovered it again!

But aren't all great things in life forgotten at one point...?

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I discovered Doom in '94, was UNABLE to play it for 4 years after, nearly died from underexposure to it's greatness, then found it again, found online pwads, found the whole deal, then found Doomworld, joined forums, got promoted and here I am today.

There is a life for me away from the game but it's still very important for me and I usually play at least once every 2-3 days. Best game ever.

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I discovered doom about 2 years ago (I know. lame). The share ware version. Then I forgot about the thing. Then I got The full version about a month ago.

Yesterday I played through episode three in about an hour. That spider boss really sucks. The cyber demon in EP2 is at least three times harder to beat.

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Hahh, Doom, my intro to the world of Scary, First Person shotters. my friend showed it to me. we ran it on my computer. I was amazed. it was possibly the greatest game ever to be installed onto my computer. i played for hours. stayed up all night. babbled statergies. mummbled about everything doom until... Doom II arrived at my doorstep. I was estactic. i quickly fired up that sucker and let some lead into my first opponets skull. life was good. My freind came with the other great game in my life. BLOOD. blood was like doom, except more 3d and the dude talked. and know, i await the time in which doom 3 arrives. quietly, in my room.

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Being late with playing DooM doesn't make you lame, it just makes you very, very late! ;-) And a shame that you had to miss out on 8 years of slaughter'n'mayhem!

In an open field (with very few hidingplaces or none at all), I'd rather face 2 or 3 cyberdemons than one spider mastermind. Sure, the Spider Mastermind is dead much quicker than the cyberdemon and a rocket is a bit heavier than some bullets, but easier to dodge!

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My title says it all.

My dooming days began in Spring 1994 when I visited my older brother in his flat. The past month he had been going on and on about this dazzling new game called "Doom" that had basically buried Wolfenstein 3d (by then, I was a battle hardened Wolf3d vet). He showed me the game and it blew me away. I tried a number of maps in E1, but I also tried my hand at beating the dreaded Cyberdemon (my brother loaded up a saved game) - it took me between three and four tries to kill it.

Sadly, that day had an end and when I got home, I had nothing but Doom in my mind. It would take me about half a year of torture without Doom before I finally got a copy of the game to work on my own computer and although I had to play it with the smallest screen size, every day since that was a joy.
I've never let go of that game since and even now, I play the original three episodes of Doom 1 for the sake of nostalgia.

Yes, I'm a hardcore Doom Zealot - I have studied every conceptual detail of the games very hard, worked hard to find ways to explain things in the universe and sadly, I tend to get a bit pissed when people interpret the game in a way I see as 'undoomish' (like the interpretation that the monsters are regular aliens rather than demons from Hell - Doom has nothing with aliens to do imho).
Furthermore, Doom is most frequently the theme I make drawings of, I love to think up Doom-related stories (hence my status as fan fic moderator) and I absolutely love to speculate in the upcoming Doom 3 (which is why I'm also the current Doom 3 forum moderator). Oh yeah, and I used to hum the tunes of the Doom 1 intermission track from time to time - it was the track I loved the most, but I also did hum some of the other tracks.

Strangely enough, the only Doom dreams I've had were about Doom 3 (both a Doom 3 I thought up and THE Doom 3).

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'Nightmare' is a cool thing with doom too. I haven't completed even E1 M1 with it, but it's cool anyway.

'Are you sure? This difficutly level isn't even remotely fair' :D

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VolteFace said:

WadAuthor does something screwy with the
sectors. Arghh!!

I know why it does that. If you delete a sector by changing all of its sector references to something else (ie. without pressing 'delete' on it, or its last linedef), then WA screws up the order of the sectors, and each sector takes the properties of the previous one. There are 2 ways to avoid this:

1. Make sure that you delete a sector by pressing 'delete' on it, or its last remaining linedef. When merging sectors, for example, I always keep a linedef back, removing it from the square (or whatever shape it is), change the other references, (so the sector to be deleted has only one linedef left) and then delete that linedef.

2. Use an external node builder, as it's supposed to be a problem with WA's internal one.

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Since everyone is telling their doom stories and i'm new, I'll share mine, not that everyone or anyone cares.

Well it all started with my uncle, the guy my sister married. I was like 10. We'd come over to his house and he showed us Wolfenstein, it was like the first time I played Zelda...too young for the game and i was memerized by its power, within seconds i would be totally blown away by the first enemy...and i'd just sit in awe going....WOW

So we played that alot and tried to argue that it was good to my dad cause you kill nazis...yeah right. But one day Robert, my uncle, told us about this new game..called doom, he talked about water, and armor, and hairy monsters that hurl fire, my brother Ryan, a year older than me, was telling me all about it. My uncle said he only had it on his computer at work cause the home one was too crappy.

So our Mom finally got a computer, a 486 and wolfenstein from him...we played that all the way through. I remember sitting and drawing countless wolfenstein maps, though there was no level editor, i knew of, I was obsessed, I even like experimented with swastika-like symbols, which didn't go over well, but then my dad explained it came from indians and represented the four seasons and hitler subverted the image..anway.

One my uncle took us by his office to show us this game, it was dark and all i remember was this sound like machines pumping then a whoosh!...followed by a BLAM! screamind and instant death,...i was like..what the hell was that? "that. is a Cyber-demon" he said, but all i could see was a big metal foot next to his head...then he showed us the spider and that was a little better...but very ugly.

SO ryan and i bought a pack with Doom shareware on it and we played that game inside out, the first episode anyway...we loved it...but we could never find regular doom..something similar happened with original RE...so we waited and waited and Lo and behold Doom II, so we saved and one night at SAMs club where my mom works, on veterans day, i won a raffle, i never win anything so i was excited, it was like a globe so i thought, wow that's worth a lot of money, I wanted to trade it for DoomII but it was too much, I went to see the globe i won and it was pretty cheap, so i was disappointed...but i talked them into letting me bring home the Doom survival guide, I wanted something Doom. So i studied all the maps and read about all the enemies over and over, from the "For those of you with sloped foreheads in the back, don't get your panties in a wad" and lines like, "owering skyscraper with goat legs, nuff said" and i memorized alot of the maps, trying to imagine how they would play out.
Ryan finally buys doom and it's like the greatest day ever, i spend my entire waking life...(this is getting sadder huh?) playing that game, I go into my mole period where i'm told i sat in the dark playing doom for 4-6 hours straight...it was so much fun. i'd even wake up at like 5:30 cause i couldn't sleep and i'd go downstairs to play doom.
Then i bought a bunch of CDS from a kid at school for lik $10 and with it, D!Zone, we played almost every level on that darn CD and some were really cool, some just plain sucked, but dehacked we could never get to work. however i found doomED and i made a few levels, but i could never figure out how to make a door, so my levels didn't have them, instead they had stairs and elevators..weird huh?
Then me and a friend decided to make our own 3-D game and we drew a bunch of monsters, some of the old ones i have posted on here, but he had me draw all the levels, i had so many damn levels, i just churned them out, some with faces in the map and what-not and i think i lost them all, some were themed and thought out, some where not, but we were reading up on C++ which i liked, but i never read anything on making maps. Then Doom faded away for many years, til we bought final Doom, which i liked, i thought it was harder, and the levels were much prettier to look at as far as architecture. Then doom faded away, again with games like Warcraft Starcraft, Diablo, Resident Evil, and others. There was quake, which i never liked or trusted..it wasnt Doom.

So then when i went to Arizona for college, I found myself feeling nostalgic about Doom because i lost my inspiration for drawing, so i looked for Doom wads on the internet cause celeron was outdated, and i discovered Doomworld, I had no idea there were Doom TC and source ports, I played doom revamped with JDoom and I was floored...I always thought Domm deserved such glory as this, then i downloaded my first TC wolfenDoom and played the first level, and i was so gappy..You have brought life back to Doom...and now I'm here cause Doom was always the best, and should be better than the quake games, i also like AVP though, that game was cool, so i love alot of 3-D games but doom will always be my first love...and it has endless possibilities now, Thanks guys.

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Xanthier said:

Since everyone (...) Thanks guys.

Thanks for that innovating story :) I'm sure glad more and more people (re)discover DooM as it was, is and always will be...!

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dsm said:
Oh yeah, and I used to hum the tunes of the Doom 1 intermission track from time to time - it was the track I loved the most, but I also did hum some of the other tracks.

heh, you to? :)

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dsm said:

Oh yeah, and I used to hum the tunes of the Doom 1 intermission track from time to time - it was the track I loved the most, but I also did hum some of the other tracks.

Ditto...and I still do...

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