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Odamex Sunday Nitro #204 - IDDM18 + UptightDM Deathmatch

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This week we'll be taking a stroll through two wads that still fall into the newer category, featuring some amazing detailing partnered with innovative layouts, a rare combination in this day and age. Happy fragging on this holy Sunday!  



WAD: iddm18
Maps: 18 (01 - 14, 29 - 32)
Players: 16-Player DM
Server: [BaseQ.fr • Phobos]
When: Sunday, February 17th @ 9pm GMT (4pm EST) 


WAD: UptightDM
Maps: 34 (01 - 34)
Players: 16-Player DM
Server: [WDL] doomleague.org
When: Sunday, February 17th @ 8pm EST


The best way to get involved in the community is to join the Odamex Discord Server where you'll be able to chat with other players and track development.

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