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[Weapon WAD] Lethal Weapons Alpha 0.1

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Hey doom community.

Got bored one time and i thought it was a good idea to make weapons for doom. So i created (for now) 2 weapons. Didn't found a way to spawn them, but i created those anyways.


It contains the Shell chaingun, an auto shotgun that mows down pretty fast zombiemen, and the TERRY MOB FUCKER 666666, i made this gun so OP to kill any of those unfunny, loud and stupid mobs as fast as they do.


Gimme your thoughts for this!


How to spawn those awesome weapons :

"Give/Summon ShellChaingun" : Spawns or gives the shellchaingun.

"Give/Summon TerryMobFucker666666" : Spawns the goddamn TERRY MOB FUCKER 666666


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